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ASAM e. V. established the testing of ASAM interfaces and the corresponding files to support a fast and faultless application of the ASAM technology in the industry. Preparatory work for testing was drivenforward, together with the definition of specifications, to guarantee verifiable results and ensure consistency of specifications.

Conformity tests considerably contribute to diminish investment risks. Tests guarantee compatibility, a prerequisite for the exchange of functionally equivalent products from different manufacturers. Thus time is saved to a large extent, since adaptation efforts can be dropped, and because errors are eliminated even prior to use of products. In the tests, emphasis is put on ensuring functionality, especially the behavior (in case of error), which is tested to warrant smooth running and to evade times of interruption during operation.

ASAM provides four different methods to enable ASAM compliance, ranging from more standard ones to the most elaborate. These different methods which are checkers, test applications & reference servers, cross tests and certification stand for different levels of validation and compliance.

  • Checkers

    Checkers are tools that help validate that files in an ASAM format which are either produced or consumed by an application that are compliant to the referring ASAM specification. This compliance is a must for a frictionless file exchange between different applications or the combination of tools of different tool suppliers in one tool chain.

    For more information on ASAM Issued Tools, please click here.

  • Test Applications and Reference Servers

    Both, test applications and reference servers facilitate the implementation of ASAM interfaces in servers respectively applications.

    A test application serves as a test environment for the development of ASAM compliant servers. Furthermore it can be used for acceptance tests for the server installation in the end user’s environment.

    An ASAM reference server is the counterpart to a test application and facilitates the development of ASAM compliant applications by providing an ASAM reference interface on the server side.

    Currently ASAM provides a test application as well a reference server for the ASAM ACI standard Version 1.2.

    The ASAM ACI Test Application is a new tool that allows testing ACI servers and run application sequences. It has been developed to run ACI servers independent from the optimization software application (ACS Automatic Calibration System). Using the test application facilitates integration of the ACI (Automatic Calibration Interface) into test and automation systems, that from an ACI server.

    ASAM ACI Test Application includes all test cases for certification, tests for all API functions, use case tests and instance tests. The use case test includes a complex performance test which features repetitive sequences during a predefined time period. Aside from the included certification test cases, user defined test cases can be added. This enables vendor specific sequences and tests. Additionally, simple parameterization for different test stands is possible, as well as grouping test cases into test scripts for complex sequences. The user can provide the parameters for the test cases through the graphical user interface. Tests can be started, stopped and continued and the result and timing conditions of every test case (steps and actions) can be visualized.

    The ACI test application was successfully evaluated in combination with the ASAM ACI Reference Server from Schenck and the D2T Server. The ACI Test Application was developed to work with ACI version 1.2, which includes the functionality of ACI version 1.1 as well. The development of additional supplier specific test cases for integration into the test application can be done by any user. If support is needed this service is offered e. g. by M&K. Please contact simon.preis(at) for more information.

  • Cross Tests

    A cross test is a test procedure in which products of different suppliers are connected via the same interface. If the application of company A talks without problems to the server of company B via an ASAM standard, it means that both sides implemented the specification properly. If not the problems of the respective implementations get visible and can be solved.

    Cross tests are also used to find bugs within the specifications by making also these visible. Bugs which are found in a cross test go immediately into the ASAM maintenance process.

    Therefore cross tests are an adequate way for quality improvements for both, products and specifications.

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  • Certification

    The ASAM Certificate of Conformity is the highest level of conformity approval that ASAM assigns. When a product successfully completes the certification process a certificate of conformity is issued. The certified product can also be branded with a special "ASAM certified" logo.

    ASAM possesses and maintains official certification methods and tool sets for different standards. All ASAM certification bodies use the same methods and tool sets worldwide. So, independent of the location, comparability of test results is ensured.

    At the moment a certification is available for ASAM ACI and the ASAM GDI standard. For more information on certification please contact the ASAM office.

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