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NorCom Information Technology GmbH & Co. KGaA

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NorCom develops and implements big data solutions for international companies. NorCom helps customers manage and analyze their data in global data centers using advanced big data, machine learning and deep learning tools in a productive environment.

The company is currently focusing in particular on the area of research and development in the automotive industry: Technological developments such as autonomous driving and Connected Car generate exploding datasets that NorCom solutions can manage and process.

NorCom specializes in augmenting automotive development processes by employing today's big data technologies. We set up big data technology frameworks for analytics and data logistic capable of dealing with automotive data formats. Scalability is proven up to several hundred petabytes. We also provide solutions for document based collaboration using natural language processing and deep learning to interlink information of structured and un-structured nature.

ASAM related products

We have built DaSense on our core belief that successful data analytics starts with a sound data strategy, making scalable management of data a priority: • Standardized access to enterprise data lakes enables advanced analytics, monitoring, reporting, deep learning, AI and application development in self-service. • Integrated open development environment spurs innovation in sandboxes and substantially shortens the time to deploy applications in production environments. • Big Data native architecture ensures a scalable and future-proof processing of very large amounts of data in automated pipelines, letting engineers operate and collaborate across geographically distributed locations. DaSense integrates ASAM ODS standard NorCom offers companies three dedicated libraries to implement the technology: • ASAM ODS Connector & Analytics INGEST (Ingest from MDF / ATFX files) • ASAM ODS Connector & Analytics ANALYZE (Time series, objects and analyzes) • ASAM ODS Connector & Analytics EGRESS (Export of localities to MDF)
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analysis; consulting; data analysis; big data; machine learning; deep learning; advanced analytics; automotive; data management; data processing; development processes; diagnosis; documentation system; measurement system integration; software

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