ASAM CDF defines the data description format for storing the ECU parameter values and the associated meta data. The ECU parameter values adapt the control algorithms in automotive ECUs to achieve required or optimal control results. The values of parameters are typically determined through an iterative calibration process.

ECU parameter values are developed over time from different tests, for different software versions of the ECU and for different hardware versions of the controlled system. Variations in the hardware configuration of the controlled system may require variants of the parameter values. Engineers and their management need all of this information and additional quality information about parameters to be able to decide on further development steps.

ASAM CDF provides a file format that defines and stores this information in a machine-readable format. Specifically, ASAM CDF allows the storing of scalar values, strings, arrays, curves, maps, structures and arrays of supported data types. The description contains quality and process-related meta information for each parameter value. The standard supports typical calibration process steps from their default state to production-readiness. Values are stored in their physical format together with a unit, which allows the CDF file to be directly read and understood by engineers.

The file format is typically used in measurement & calibration tools (MC-tools) and by calibration data management tools (CDM tools). The format allows easy import and export, comparison and merge of data from various sources. ASAM CDF is a complementary standard to ASAM MCD-2 MC and ASAM MDX, which describe the properties of the parameters. ASAM CDF is used in parallel to ASAM MDF, which stores measured values. Provided that the calibration tool chain is compliant to these standards, data exchanges are seamless, do not require format-conversions and are independent from specific tool vendors.

ASAM CDF files uses XML, which can be easily validated, edited, imported and exported by calibration tools and XML-editors. The format is technology- and vendor-independent. Due to its completeness, versatility and maturity, the standard is widely used and supported by virtually all major MC-systems on the market today.


Standard Authors

Continental Automotive GmbH, Daimler AG, ETAS GmbH, MAN Truck & Bus AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Visu-IT! GmbH, Volkswagen AG, XI-Works.


Current Activities on ASAM CDF

Currently there are no standardization activities.


Calibration Data Format
Current Version
Release Date
16 Jul 2015
Application Areas
  • Calibration of ECU parameters
  • Calibration data management
Specification Content
  • XML data specification
  • XML schema
  • Cross references to ASAM MCD-2 MC and ASAM MDX
File Formats
  • xml
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