ASAM CC (Container Catalog) is used for describing engineering objects such as source code, compiled objects or documentation files. The objects are described with meta information such as creator, name, description, version, engineering domain, configuration and storage location. The standard is primarily used for exchanging information about engineering objects between OEMs and suppliers. Since ASAM CC-compliant description files are based upon XML with a standardized schema, tools and data repositories can import and export the data easily. Incremental data exchange is supported. ASAM CC has the following main features:

  • Description of the repository structure
  • Description of the meta data for engineering objects
  • Extensibility of the data model
  • Revision information and change histories
  • Support for linking
  • Support for conditional document configurations (conditional compilation)
  • Support for content view filtering


Standard Authors

Continental Automotive AG, MAN Truck & Bus AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, XI-Works.


Current Activities on ASAM CC

Currently there are no standardization activities.

Container Catalog
Current Version
Release Date
12 Oct 2004
Application Areas
  • Software development process
  • Hardware development process
  • Release documentation
  • Configuration management
Specification Content
  • Data model specification
  • XML schemata
File Formats
  • xml
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