Plenty of test data post-processing applications are available on the market, which have either a proprietary plug-in architecture or no plug-in capabilities at all. Customized solutions for such applications, such as data file importers, special mathematic algorithms or special graphic elements, cannot be easily reused in another application and would require significant porting efforts. 

ASAM CEA (Component for Evaluation and Analysis) defines an application framework and functional components for the evaluation and analysis of test measurement data. The standard is most commonly used for the development of reusable application components for processing and visualization of test data. It defines everything to create components in a standardized way in order to be able to be used in different programs from different manufacturers. If the application framework is compliant with the CEA-standard, then CEA-components can be loaded and used by the application. If the framework follows modern SW-architectural rules (e.g. object oriented, event driven, full-state, etc), then it will be easy to implement the functions needed for CEA-compliance. 

The standard describes the necessary techniques for component developers. ASAM CEA defines a component-based framework within a producer-consumer architecture. For a well-defined runtime sequence structure, events are defined which inform “consumers” of any change within the content. The framework can be extended by plug-in components. The interfaces, data items and events are clearly defined to obtain interchangeable components between CEA-compliant frameworks. 

The standard itself is completely technology independent. It is tested and examples are available for C/C# and Java. In addition, a sample framework together with sample components are available as part of the standard to allow interested companies to start developing their own CEA-based applications.


Standard Authors

AMS GmbH, Daimler AG, Horiba GmbH, Porsche AG, Volkswagen AG.


Current Activities on ASAM CEA

Currently there are no standardization activities.

Components for Evaluation and Analysis
Current Version
Release Date
11 Dec 2009
Application Areas
  • Test data post-processing
  • Test data visualization
  • Component development for test data applications
Specification Content
  • Software component specification
  • Technology references for Java and .NET
  • XML schemata
File Formats
  • cea
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