The OpenCRG® initiative was launched in October 2008. Its objective was the provision of a series of open file formats and open source tools for the detailed description, creation and evaluation of road surfaces. In October 2018, OpenCRG® was transferred to ASAM to be futher developed in a professional standardization organization.

ASAM OpenCRG is suitable for a broad range of applications including e.g. tyre and driving simulations. It is to be understood as a complementary standard to ASAM OpenDRIVE: While ASAM OpenDRIVE offers a macroscopic description of road networks, ASAM OpenCRG provides everything necessary for the microscopic view of road surfaces. Both OpenCRG and OpenDRIVE have emerged as the leading public specifications to support data exchange between driving and traffic simulators from different vendors. 

ASAM is hosting a proposal workshop on January 15 - 16, 2019 to determine content and project plan for the futher development of the standard. The following proposals shall be discussed:

  • a transfer project, to clarify and formalize the content of the current version of ASAM OpenCRG.
  • a concept project, which shall determine the further development of the standard for existing or new features.

Industry experts, which either develop simulators or regularly use them, are cordially invited to take part and influence the scope and content of the upcoming standard development projects.


Next Step:

In a next step, the current version of the standard will be adopted to formal ASAM standards and distributed free of charge via the ASAM website. Participating in the futher development of the standard requires ASAM membership. 

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Upcoming Activities

Proposal Workshop

on: Jan 15 - 16, 2019
in: Höhenkirchen (near Munich), Germany
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ASAM Membership is not required to take part!

Past Events

Project Proposals - Open for Participation

Currently, there are no project proposals


Ongoing projects

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