Get Involved

There are good reasons why you should get involved and different levels of engagement. Find out what works best for you.

Get Involved

ASAM has always had a highly motivated and engaged membership who believes in the benefits of standards. Together, ASAM members turn ideas into projects and drive projects into standards with the goal to implement them into products and use them in development tool chains. The ASAM office supports and nurtures this engagement which provides benefits and experience to all contributors. 


ASAM invites you to become part of this active community. 



ASAM members have significant benefits. Become part of this active community. 



Why should you get involved?

Experience the ASAM Spirit
Be part of a global network of experts discussing and progressing requirements to standards used in tool chains that drive automotive development.

Experience Thought Leadership
Work together with experts on a common vision while simultaneously extending understanding on highly relevant industry topics.

Experience Efficiency and Proficiency
Take advantage of a lean, structured association with process oversight and technical expertise – all focused to drive projects to success.

Experience Reliability & Quality
Rely on solutions and standards that are based on joint decision-making by experts from OEMs, suppliers, tool vendors, engineering service providers, and research institutes – thus increasing industry acceptance, quality and usefulness.

Which options do you have to get involved?

Depending on your time and needs, there are different levels of involvement, each one requiring a different level of engagement.


1. Stay informed
  • Regularly read the ASAM website
  • Sign-up for the newsletter   Sign-up
  • Propose and discuss new concepts in the "Ideation" section   Ideation
  • Take part in Proposal Workshops   Proposals
  • Participate in ASAM conferences, General Assemblies and other events   Events
  • Read the ASAM Solutions Guide (biennial publication)    ASAM Solutions Guide
2. Network
  • Develop a network at ASAM events like General Assemblies, International Conference, Workshops etc.
  • Meet customers, suppliers and competitors in your area of expertise at ASAM project groups 
  • Form standardization project groups to collaboratively work on topics that a critical for your business
3. Participate in ASAM Project Groups
  • Join an Ideation Group   Ideation Groups
  • Join a Proposal Workshop or sign-up for participation in a newly forming project group   Proposals
  • Ask ASAM Office to join on-going Project Groups   Projects
4. Lead an ASAM Project Group
5. Begin a standardization effort
6. Run for an ASAM Gremia
  • Technical Steering Committee
  • ASAM Board of Directors

In these positions you will not only get deeper insights into ASAM activities, but you will actively shape and influence processes and strategies of ASAM. Both gremia are very important to ASAM. Both TSC and Board term will last 2 years. Each year, the General Assembly will alternately elect these committees. Join and make a difference.   ASAM Organization


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