ASAM Test Specification

Evolving Landscapes of Collaborative Testing for ADAS and AD

ASAM Test Specification

Study Group Report 2022


Software-defined vehicles and autonomous driving functions are continuously and drastically increasing the complexity of testing. Therefore, a main focus of collaborative efforts across the automotive industry needs to be on the development of testing strategies and how to adapt them. A network of experts across all branches of the automotive industry have joined forces under the umbrella of ASAM e.V. to address this challenge.


The ASAM Test Specification Study Group created a comprehensive overview of the testing and standardization landscape and developed a test methodology blueprint that embraces the multi-pillar approach needed to prove the safety of autonomous driving functions and provides a potential basis for future standardization. 


The results are a statement, a recommendation, and a definite invitation to shape this future together.



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Work Results

The results of the ASAM Test Specification Study Group are provided in two different formats, a webpage and an e-book (whitepaper). 


Webpage             E-book (pdf)

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