ASAM ASAP 3 defines an RS232 communication protocol between a test automation system and a measurement & calibration system connected to an ECU. The TCP/IP protocol can be used as an alternative, although not directly supported by the standard. The standard describes obsolete technology and has been replaced by ASAM MCD-3 MC in the meantime. ASAM continues to publish ASAP 3 to support existing legacy systems that are still in use. If given the choice, ASAM recommends to use ASAM MCD-3 MC.


Standard Authors

AVL Graz, BMW AG, Continental Automotive GmbH, Daimler AG, dSPACE, ETAS GmbH, IAV GmbH, Kristl, Seibt & Co GmbH, M&K GmbH, RA Consulting, Vector Informatik GmbH, We4Data


Current Activities on ASAM ASAP 3

High Speed Automation Access Protocol for MC-Server (ASAM iLinkRT)

One major result of the former ASAM project "Conceptual Study on MC-3 Automation Access" was that there is a high demand for a standard that allows fast data transfers between test automation and test execution systems. In a first standardization effort in 2018, the public specification iLinkRT had been transferred to ASAM to cover this need.

The project High Speed Automation Access Protocol for MC-Server (ASAM iLinkRT) shall now be extended from a pure measurement & calibration protocol to also support the configuration of tests prior to their execution. This shall allow to completely run tests without using ASAM ASAP3. Existing ASAP3 commands are transferred to iLinkRT. This allows to setup and run tests without the need for an ASAM ASAP3 protocol stack.

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Automation/Optimisation Interface for ECU Calibration System
Current Version
Release Date
20 Jan 2019
Application Areas
  • Test stand automation
  • Automated calibration
  • Data logging
Specification Content
  • Protocol specification
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