ASAM FSX defines an XML-based format for describing the functional behavior of software, primarily for the purpose of generating technical documentation. The standard is mostly used in the automotive industry as a technical documentation format for ECU software. Within a structured XML-framework, the features of ECU software are described via text, tables, graphics and other documentation elements. ASAM FSX is complementary to ASAM MDX, which contains the formal data and software architecture definition of ECU software. Together with ASAM MDX, both standard support highly distributed development processes for ECU software, where software is generated by different organizations and with different tool-chains in a multi-tier development process. The standards allow to easily distribute and merge functional specifications among multiple parties and to keep the functional and architectural software specification in sync. Despite this diversity of sources, ASAM FSX and MDX allow to automatically generate technical documentation with consistent content and uniform format. The standards avoid the patchwork of documents that are otherwise typically the result of a development process that is not based upon common standards.

ASAM FSX has the following main features:

  • Description of software functions
  • Standardized documentation structure
  • Possibility to extend the documentation structure
  • Full-featured XML text model
  • Linking and indexing support
  • Revision history
  • Support for multilingual text
  • Support for conditional document configurations (conditional compilations)
  • Support for content filtering

ASAM FSX offers several features that are specifically important in automotive software development. For instance, conditional document configurations allow to generate variants of the software description, which reflect variants of the ECU software and hardware. Support for multilingual documents allows to create documents of the same content in different languages. The filtering of content allows to generate documents for different purposes, e.g. a document for internal use and a document for external use.


Standard Authors

Audi AG, Continental Automotive AG, Daimler AG, MAN Truck & Bus AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Visu-IT! GmbH, Volkswagen AG, XI-Works.


Current Activities on ASAM FSX

Currently there are no standardization activities.

Functional Specification Exchange Format
Current Version
Release Date
21 Jan 2011
Application Areas
  • Functional documentation of ECU software
  • Automated document generation
Specification Content
  • XML specification
  • XML schemata and DTD
File Formats
  • xml
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