ASAM Partnerships

ASAM collaborates with other standardization organizations to provide the best services and industry alignment for the membership

Cooperating Partners

As an industrial standardization organization, we are not just organizing cooperation projects for our members, we also cooperate with other organizations. Through cooperations with other standard development organizations, we want to improve the acceptance of our standards on the global market, use their distribution channels, harmonize the development of closely related standards, avoid contradictions between standards and prevent the development of multiple standards for the same purpose.



ASAM Office

The ASAM office will answer your questions and concerns. Address your question to the right person.


ASAM in Person

AUTOSAR - AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture

  • Exchange of information and coordination about new standardization proposals.
  • Harmonization of the AUTOSAR Meta Model with various ASAM standards, e.g. ASAM MCD-2 MC, ASAM MCD-2 D, ASAM MCD-2 NET and ASAM XIL.

ISO - International Organization for Standardization

  • Publication and distribution of ASAM standards via ISO.
  • Coordinated development of ASAM standards as an extension of ISO standards.
  • Early information of changes in ISO standards, which would require changes in dependent ASAM standards.

Modelica Association / FMI - Functional Mock-up Interface

  • Coordinated development of ASAM XIL for the "FMI for Applications" use-case.
  • Publication and distribution of ASAM XIL-MA.

MOST Corporation

  • Coordination of the further development of MOST and ASAM MCD-2 NET.


SAE International

  • Memorandum of Understanding agreeing on a cooperative partnership
  • Regular information exchange to avoid doublicative standardization
  • Promotion of standardization globally


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