The standard ASAM iLinkRT defines a protocol for high-speed measurement and calibration data exchange in test automation systems. The protocol is typically used to connect test automation systems and automated calibration systems (commonly called "MC-clients") with measurement & calibration servers ("MC-servers"), through which the client applications have access to data on the ECUs under test. The standard allows to setup a flexible and high-performance test system, where test applications and ECUs can be added or removed as needed without major integration efforts.

ASAM iLinkRT uses a protocol-based and event-triggered communication method, which is more efficient than other data communication methods, such as polling from ASAM ASAP 3 or the Microsoft COM-based solution of ASAM MCD-3 MC. Therefore, ASAM iLinkRT is typically used as a substitute of the original data transfer methods of those standards. The ASAP 3 specification includes an appendix, which describes the use of iLinkRT in conjunction with ASAP 3.

ASAM iLinkRT uses Ethernet (UDP/IP) as the transport layer, which is the communication backbone in today's testing labs. MC-clients can establish multiple point-to-point connections with MC-servers, using standard IPv4 addresses and UDP ports. Each connection consists of two channels: one for sending commands, and one for data acquisition. The data acquisition channel uses an event driven DAQ mechanism, similar to ASAM MCD-1 XCP, which ensures that the measurement data is transferred with minimum delay. Multi-casting is supported to achieve higher throughput when multiple clients are connected to one server. Calibration data can be up- and downloaded via the command channel. Measurement data objects and calibration data objects up to maps and 2D-arrays are supported, as known from ASAM MCD-2 MC. The data exchange is based on physical values.

The standard currently does not support the configuration of the MC-server, for which the other standards mentioned above are still needed. ASAM is working on a future release of iLinkRT, which shall include commands to configure the MC-server. Once the configuration use-case has been added, then iLinkRT would be the only protocol stack needed in a test system to execute typical test-automation jobs.


Standard Authors

BMW AG, Daimler AG, Continental AG, AVL LIST GMBH, dSPACE GmbH, ETAS GmbH, IAV GmbH, Kristl, Seibt & Co GmbH, M&K Mess- und Kommunikationstechnik GmbH, RA Consulting GmbH, Vector Informatik GmbH, We4Data GmbH


Current Activities on ASAM iLinkRT

Project Status

Project ongoing

High Speed Automation Access Protocol for MC-Server (iLinkRT)

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High-Speed Automation-Access-Protocol for MC-Server
Current Version
Release Date
20 Jan 2019
Application Areas
  • Automated test- and calibration-systems
  • Measurement of ECU variables
  • Calibration of ECU parameters
Specification Content
  • Protocol specification
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