ASAM History

The History of ASAM


ASAM is celebrates its 25th anniversary




New ASAM Board of Directors

Armin Rupalla (RA Consulting GmbH) • Chairman

Dr. René Grosspietsch (BMW AG)

Dr. Andreas Kemeny (Driving Simulation Association)

Prof. Dr. Frank Köster (DLR e.V.)

Dr. Ralf Nörenberg (HighQSoft GmbH)



ASAM publishes report on how to validate autonomous vehicles safely and reliably

Experts and stakeholders from 24 organizations, including manufacturers, suppliers, testing companies and research institutes, have jointly developed a blueprint that describes this challenge and identifies possible solutions.

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ASAM welcomes its 400th member

After the growing interest in recent years, ASAM is happy to welcome its 400th member. 

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New management for ASAM

The Board of Directors decides to appoint a management team to run ASAM. Marius Dupuis takes on the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Benjamin Engel the newly created position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The expansion of the management team has become necessary due to the strong growth in membership in recent years and the increasing complexity of ASAM's tasks.

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ASAM Launches Open Source Tooling Platform

For the first time, ASAM is supporting the sharing of open source tools that facilitate the implementation and use of ASAM standards. ASAM provides the repository and infrastructure to host these tools, but is not responsible for the development or maintenance of these tools, nor for their timeliness, accuracy, or completeness. The tools are subject to the responsibility and original license terms of the providing member company.  

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New Standard

ASAM releases ASAM OpenLABEL, the first Standard in the domain Simulation that was initiated and developed at ASAM. ASAM OpenLABEL is the first Standard to annotate multi-sensor data and scenarios.
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New Managing Director

Peter Voss becomes new managing director at ASAM. He follows Dr. Klaus Estenfeld who is retiring from his position as managing director after five years. 

New ASAM Board of Directors: 

Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker (HORIBA Europe GmbH) Chairman

Dr. René Grosspietsch (BMW AG)

Prof. Dr. Frank Köster (DLR e.V.)

Dr. Ralf Nörenberg (HighQSoft GmbH)

Armin Rupalla (RA Consulting GmbH)

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Member Growth

Due to the new domain Simulation, ASAM is experiencing an immense member growth. By end of 2020, ASAM counts 355 member organizations. It is also the year with the most member entries for ASAM since its foundation (77 new members in 2020).

New Standards

  • After only one year of intensive project work, ASAM releases ASAM OpenDRIVE V1.6.0 and ASAM OpenSCENARIO V1.0.0.
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  • ASAM releases the first standard that was completely developed outside of Europe. ASAM HMS was developed in Japan by automotive heavyweights such as Toyota, Honda and Hino and their suppliers. It describes an interface to associate metadata (HEX files) that are used for the development and test of complex and interconnected Electronic Control Units (ECUs).
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  • ASAM releases ASAM ARTI V1.0.0, a completely new standard that enables scheduling timing analysis on automotive real time operating systems. 
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ASAM and Prostep ivip Association announce cooperation in Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Purpose of the cooperation is to harmonize requirements and applications of standards and norms from both sides, thus facilitating modeling and Simulation for autonomous driving of level 4 and 5.
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Corona casts first shadows over ASAM. Due to the pandemic, it is not possible to meet in person. Projects continue online, networking is missing.



Member Growth

ASAM is facing a great increase in membership: More than 75 organizations join ASAM. For the first time, international members outnumber German members. 


ASAM establishes C-ASAM in China

ASAM and the Chinese state-owned company CATARC launch joint initiative to promote ASAM standardization in China.
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New Standards

  • ASAM iLinkRT, a protocol for highspeed measurement and calibration data exchange in test automation systems, is complementing the ASAM standard portfolio.
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  • BMW transfers OSI (Open Simulation Interface) to ASAM. The standard is complementing the domain "Simulation" and marks a pilot project for opensource development within ASAM. 
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New ASAM Board of Directors

  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker (HORIBA Europe GmbH), Chairman
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Köster (DLR)
  • Dr. Ralf Nörenberg (HighQSoft GmbH)
  • Armin Rupalla (RA Consulting GmbH)
  • Richard Vreeland (Cummins Inc.)



New Standard Domain "Simulation"

ASAM adopts 3 standards ASAM OpenCRG, ASAM OpenDRIVE and ASAM OpenSCENARIO constituting the new standardization domain "Simulation". The standards describe virtual driving environments and are used for the Validation of highly automated driving functions. 

With these so called OpenX standards, ASAM has positioned itself in the area of highly automated driving and has broadened the expertise within its community. 




New standard

ASAM MCD-1 POD V1.0.0 standardizes the software inside automotive ECUs for Measurement & Calibration systems. The Standard includes reference code, which can be used as a template for writing Standard-compliant code.

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New ASAM Board of Directors

  • Marc Blatter (Daimler AG), Chairman 
  • Dr. Ralf Noerenberg (HighQSoft GmbH)
  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker (HORIBA Europe GmbH)
  • Armin Rupalla (RA Consulting GmbH)
  • Richard W. Vreeland (Cummins, Inc.)



ASAM releases two new standards

  • ASAM MCD-2 CERP (Calibration Expert System Rule and Product Format)  is based on OTX (ISO 13209) and allows to develop complex rules for checking the dependencies and integrity of ECU calibration parameters. 
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  • ASAM CPX (Calibration Process Exchange Language) provides a way to describe the processes for ECU calibration, which is standardized, independent, exchangeable and long-term stable. ASAM CPX extends OTX (ISO13209). It provides programmatic access to calibration and measurement data on the ECU, access to its meta information (from A2L files), and other functions. 
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New Managing Director at ASAM e.V.

Dr. Klaus Estenfeld is appointed Managing Director of ASAM e.V. He takes over from Mr. Simon Preis. 



ASAM opens office in Japan

ASAM Japan G.K. officially opens its doors in November 2015 with Mr. Yoshiaki Shoi as the representative of ASAM in Japan. With this step, ASAM responds to the continuous growth in new members in Japan. The office in the Tokyo-area aims to promote collaboration among member companies and promote the concept of standardization in Japan.


2nd ASAM International Conference 

In Dec. 2015 the second ASAM International Conference is taking place in Dresden with the topic "Big Data in Future Car Development - Chances for Engineering, Value for the Driver". This conference succeeds in providing an overview on this highly relevant topic and opens up the discussion with the IT industry.


New ASAM Board of Directors

The following persons are elected member of the ASAM Board of Directors:

  • Hans-Georg Swolana (BMW AG), Chairman
  • Marc Blatter (Daimler AG)
  • Gorance Eftimovski (Cummins Inc.)
  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker (HORIBA Europe GmbH)



ASAM releases professionally developed open-source software

For the first time, ASAM is releasing a Standard together with professionally-developed open-source software in one package. The released Standard ASAM XIL 2.0 describes a vendor-independent interface between test automation tools and test benches. The included source code provides an implementation of a significant amount of interface functions, which are considered non-competitive. 



ASAM celebrates 15th anniversary

On the occasion of ASAM's 15 anniversary, ASAM is hosting the first ASAM International Conference. More than 100 participants and 17 exhibitors celebrate the 15 year anniversary at the Maritim Hotel in Dresden, Germany.


New ASAM Board of Directors:

  • Hans-Georg Swolana (BMW AG), Chairman
  • Raghavendra Kulkarni (Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd.)
  • Christoph Niessen (Detroit Diesel Corp. - Daimler AG)
  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker (HORIBA Europe GmbH)



Member Increase

  • The amount of ASAM members jumps to 132, the highest number in ASAM history.
  • Toyota joins ASAM e.V. as second Japanese OEM member.
  • General Motors, PSA, and Volvo Cars rejoin ASAM e.V.

JAIG (Japan ASAM Interest Group)

A Japanese ASAM Interest Group (JAIG) is officially established in Tokyo. The goal of JAIG is to study, evaluate and use ASAM standards in the Japanese automotive industry.  


  • ASAM MCD-3 is split up into two independent standards: ASAM MCD-3 MC and ASAM MCD-3D. 
  • ASAM ATX V1.0.0 is released




Strong interest in ASAM from Japan

Honda becomes the first OEM member from Japan with the aim to establish a Japanese interest group. Toyota shall follow in 2012. Hino and Nissan in 2014, and Subaru in 2015.


First project initiated outside of Europe

First regional project group in the US is established for creating an ODS companion Standard.


New Board of Directors:

  • Mr. Hans-Georg Swolana (BMW AG; Chairman of ASAM e.V.)
  • Mr. Puran Parekh (iASYS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker (HORIBA Europe GmbH)
  • Dr. Matthias Tschersich (Elektrobit GmbH)



ASAM Office moves to new location

The office of ASAM e.V. moves to a new location in Hoehenkirchen, near Munich, Germany. The new building provides enough meeting rooms and facilities for ASAM activities


Strategic Decision: ASAM Standards for purchase

The Membership Meeting decides to grant free access to ASAM standards for members only. Non-members will have the opportunity to purchase the standards. This strategic decision aims for non-member to contribute to the development costs.



New ASAM Standard

MDF is incorporated into ASAM and firstly released as ASAM MDF.    Read more


New Board of Directors

  • Mr. Manfred Keul (Audi AG; Chairman)
  • Mr. Günther Förstner (Elektrobit GmbH)
  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker (HORIBA Europe GmbH)
  • Mr. Puran Parekh (iASYS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)


First release of ASAM HIL.     Read more




ASAM e.V. now counts 116 members. 


Technical Steering Committee

The Technical Steering Committee is founded for the technical controlling of the Standard development. It replaces the Technical Advisory Board (TAB). 


New Standards

ASAM LXF (Layout Exchange Format) V1.0.0 is released. 
Read more


New Business Manager

Simon Preis is appointed ASAM Business Manager. He takes over from Frank Bohne.



New Standard

The first version of ASAM FSX (Functional Specification Exchange Format) is released.

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A regional representation in India is established to increase the user and membership base in Asia.


New Board of Directors (term 2007 - 2009):

  • Mr. Martin Blanz (DaimlerChrysler AG; Chairman)
  • Dr. George Gillespie (HORIBA Instruments Ltd.)
  • Mr. Fred Nemenski (General Motors Corporation)
  • Mr. Bernd Oeffling (AUDI AG)
  • Dr. Jobst Richert (dSPACE GmbH)



New Standards released:

  • ASAM CDF (Calibration Data Format) Read more
  • ASAM MBFS (Model Based Function Specification) Read more
  • ASAM MDX (Meta Data Exchange Format) Read more

The first official ASAM checkers are released:

  • A2L Checker Read more
  • ODS Model and Data Checker. 


Important members join the association, among them Johnson Controls, MAHLE Test Systems, and Beijing Institute of Technology 



The first Solutions Guide is published containing case studies and a directory of members and ASAM compliant products. 




ASAM LLC is founded as the regional representation of ASAM e.V. in North America.


New Business Manger

Frank Bohne is appointed ASAM Business Manager.


New Board of Directors

  • Mr. Martin Blanz (DaimlerChrysler AG; Chairman)
  • Mr. Fred Nemenski (GM Powertrain - General Motors Corporation)
  • Dr. Jobst Richert (dSPACE GmbH)
  • Mr. Jochen Thym (Softing AG)




ASAM MCD-2 NET (FIBEX) is released for the first time (Data Model for ECU Network Systems / Field Bus Data Exchange Format) 
 Read more

ASAM ODS V5.0.0 is accepted by ISO and is published as ISO 22720.


Strategic Decision

The Board of Directors decides to freeze all standards in their current version for 18 months. This should help tool vendors to develop ASAM compliant tools.




New Standard

ASAM MCD-3 (Application Programming Interface Specification) is released for the first time.  Read more



Many companies join the association. ASAM now counts more than 100 members, among them companies from USA, Japan, France, and Sweden.


New Board of Directors

  • Mr. Christian Peter (BMW AG; Chairman)
  • Mr. Martin Blanz (DaimlerChrysler AG)
  • Mr. Keith Butler (MTS Systems Corporation)
  • Mr. Juergen Doering (rd electronic gmbh)
  • Mr. Fred Nemenski (General Motors Corporation)



New Standards

  • The first version of ASAM CEA (Components for Evaluation and Analysis) is being released.  Read more
  • MSR standards are being incorporated into ASAM.  



2nd Board of Directors

After the regular term of 2 years, the second Board of Directors is being elected at the annual membership meeting in December 2000. As of January 1st, 2001 the board consists of:

  • Mr. Karl-Heinz Hoenes (DaimlerChrysler AG; Chairman)
  • Mr. Francis Ducroux (Renault SA)
  • Mr. Christian Peter (BMW AG)
  • Mr. Jürgen Döring (rd electronic gmbh)
  • Mr. Thomas Haller (AVL List GmbH)




ASAM attracts its first international OEM members:

  • DENSO Corporation (Japan)
  • Renault SA (France)
  • Ford Motor Company (USA)


Cooperation with ISO

First cooperation with ISO is initiated.


ASAM compliant products

First certified ASAM products are being launched.



ASAM is taking up business

The office of ASAM e. V. (registered association) locates to the Munich area. Hans-Georg Swolana is appointed ASAM Business Manager. The new organization is fully operational as of early 1999.



Foundation of ASAM e.V.

The association ASAM e.V is founded on Dec. 1, 1998 in Stuttgart, Germany, on an initiative of German car manufactures AUDI, BMW, Daimler, Porsche VW.

ASAM e.V. is the follow-up organization for all ASAM and STAUMECS activities. During the foundation meeting, 26 companies joined the new association.


The first ASAM Board of Directors consists of:

  • Mr. Karl-Heinz Hönes (DaimlerChrysler AG; Chairman)
  • Mr. Pölsler (Porsche AG)
  • Dr. Langemack (Volkswagen AG)
  • Mr. Jürgen Döring (rd electronic gmbh)
  • Dr. Wilfried Melder (GfS)


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