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Business Use-Case Is a specific form of use-case, where the actor is a group of people, one or multiple departments of a company or one or many companies. It typically describes a business process. Business use-cases can be broken down into user use-cases. Example: ECU calibration and measurement.
Calibration The process of ECU parameter tuning. Tests with ECU hardware and software in the loop are carried out. ECU internal variables and external sensor data is recorded and analyzed. The values of internal ECU parameters are determined as a result of this process.
Certification The process of confirmation that a system complies to a specific standard or a specified subset of a standard.
Curve 1D-table with two axes.
Database Is an organized collection of data.
Diagnostic Tester Is a device that can be connected to the diagnostic port of a vehicle and can read, write and modify diagnostic data in ECUs.
Diagnostics The subsystem of an ECU or ECU networks, which performs error detection, handling and communication.
End-of-Line Denotes the final stages of the assembly line in vehicle production.
File Format Is a description about how information is encoded and structured and given a specific syntax for storage in a computer file.
Homologation The process of certifying compliance of a product with regulatory requirements, e.g. that it meets public safety and environment standards.
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