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How to Join ASAM

Before you fill out the Membership Request Form we ask you to get familiar with the ASAM Statutes and the Regulation of Fees. If you have questions when determining your member class, please check the FAQs below or contact us at info(at)


After turning in your Membership Request Form, the ASAM Office will forward your application to the Board of Directors for approval. Upon decision of acceptance, the ASAM Office welcomes you and guides you through the server registration process. We also provide all relevant information (e. g. guidelines) and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to inspire you to become an active member of the community so you can take the full advantage of your membership. 


Member Benefits

ASAM members have a number of benefits that you may take advantage of. Depending on your member class, you may be entitled to:

  • download ASAM standards free of charge
  • get ASAM software free of charge
  • use the ASAM Technical Support (
  • submit change requests for existing ASAM standard
  • submit project proposal to start a standard development project
  • participate in public review processes (review and comment on proposals and public draft standards)
  • participate in standard development projects
  • participate in ASAM events (General Assembly, etc) to network within the ASAM community
  • exercise voting rights at the General Assembly
  • apply to be candidate for an ASAM committee (Board of Directors or  Technical Steering Committee)
  • take advantage of marketing opportunities offered by ASAM e.V.

Depending on the member class you apply for, these benefits may be limited.

ASAM Membership - FAQ

ASAM welcomes OEMs, suppliers, tool vendors, engineering service providers, and research institutes to apply for membership.

Generally only independent legal entities can become ASAM member. Divisions or departments of companies or private persons cannot apply for membership.


ASAM differentiates between three member groups 

  1. End Users:
    This group comprises all those companies who are not implementing ASAM standards into their products but actually use ASAM compliant tools in their development process. They are usually OEMs and Tiered Suppliers. End Users can choose between an executive membership (E) that includes the full scale of benefits or a passive membership (P) that excludes active particpation in project groups, etc.
    End Users may apply for membership classes A - C (AE/AP, BE/BP and CE/CP).
  2. Suppliers:
    This group comprises all tool vendors and system integrators who develop and sell tools that are compliant to ASAM standards and / or who provide engineering services for the group of End Users.
    Tool Vendors may apply for membership classes D - G.
  3. Universities
    This group comprises universities and research institutes that are not profit-oriented. 
    This group may apply for membership class H

Learn more about the fee structure here.

To determin your member class, you first have to determine whether you are an End Users, a Supplier or a University. The exact member class is then defined by the size of your company in terms of employees. 

  1. "End Users" are companies who use ASAM compliant products in their infrastructure. They are ususally OEMs or Tiered Suppliers. End Users can only apply for membership as a whole organization. They have the possibility to choose between an executive membership (E) or a passive membership (P). The latter has limited benefits (see table below).
  2. "Suppliers" are tool vendors who implement ASAM standards into their products. They can either apply as a whole corporatation or as a subsidiary. Only independent legal entities can become ASAM member.
  3. "Universities" (includes research institutes) is the only goup where the member class is not defined by number of employees. 


The benefits for each group are determined as following:


End User (Executive)

End User (Passive)



Download ASAM standards free of chargexxxx
Get ASAM software free of chargex50% offxx
Use the ASAM Technical Support (
Submit change requests for existing ASAM standardxxxx
Submit project proposal to start a standard development projectx-xx
Participate in public review processes (review and comment on proposals and public draft standard)xxxx
Participate in standard development projectsx-xx
Participate at the General Assembly and other official ASAM events (network within the ASAM community)xxxx
Exercise voting rights at the General Assemblyxxxx
Apply to be candidate for an ASAM committee (Board of Directors and / or  Technical Steering Committee)x-xx
Take advantage of marketing opportunities offered by ASAM e.V.xxxx

Learn more about the fee structure.

A membership term begins in January and ends in December. The Membership is automatically renewed every year. Cancellation of membership is only possible every December 31 with a 6-month notice! 
(Cancellation deadline: June 30)


Applications after January will be charged on a pro rata basis for the first year. 


No, a division or department doesn't count as legal entity. The whole company needs to become member to benefit from ASAM standards.


The size of your company defines your membership class and therefore the cost of your membership. 
Find out your membership group in the regulation of fees.

If your company becomes member during the year, only the fee for the remaining months of the years will be charged.  


After approval by the ASAM board, the company will receive a welcome letter together with information about the ASAM membership, a questionnaire for adding your company profile to our member directory and an invoice from ASAM. Depending on the date of entry the invoice will be issued for the whole year (full annual fee) or for a part of it (on a pro rata basis for the remaining months of the year).


The membership only begins after receipt of payment. 


ASAM provides professional services to its members through an office and by maintaining an IT infrastructure. This is permanently available to members. Furthermore, standard development projects typically got a budget from which major parts of the work for developing and finishing the standard are paid for, e.g. to service providers who do most of the routine work. So, standard development comes with a cost. The pricing models for ASAM membership and buying ASAM standards have the purpose to fairly distribute the costs to all, who benefit from ASAM standards. Most standardization organizations have such pricing models to cover their costs.

The ASAM License Terms allow members and buyers of ASAM standards to sublicense (i.e. give) the standards to non-members for the purpose of an exchange of services, project acquisition activities, training or support. Please review §2 (2) for further details. If in doubt, please contact the ASAM Office.


License Terms


Every company can buy ASAM standards. The standard will be licensed to that company and can be used by any employee within that organizations. However, also purchasing companies must comply to our license terms. 


License Terms

To buy a standard, please go to the page of the standard that you are interested in. Clicking on 'Get Standard' will open a window where you can choose the option 'Buy'. 


You will then be asked to fill out some general information. Submission of the form will generate an email with an attached price list and order form. Please send the order form to ASAM (you will find the email address on the form). We will process your purchase order and send you an invoice. After receipt of payment, we will send you the link to download the standard via email. The standard will be licensed to your company. Please comply to the license terms


You will always receive the current version of the standard. To order an older version, please use the according field in the order form to indicate the version number. You will then receive both the current and the requested version.  

Member Benefits

ASAM members have significant benefits. Join ASAM to participate in the standardization process or to download standards for free. 

Member Benefts



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