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Call for Offers

ASAM uses service providers to support their project teams. They are acquired through a public call for offers process, which is open to member and non-member companies alike. Current calls for offer are listed on this page. Please click on the links for each call for offer to obtain more details. 


P2018-05 HEX File Management Service 
Project NumberP2018-05


This project is the follow-up of the Concept Project P2017-01. The strong interdependencies between ECUs, particularly in the areas of ADAS and autonomous driving, require a sophisticated HEX-file management, which helps engineers to choose the correct HEX-files to be flashed in ECUs that functionally fit to the other ECUs of the system. The goal of this project is to systematically determine matching HEX-files of a complex E/E system and to link development artefacts to specific HEX-files. 


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Project TypeNew Standard Development
Project TitleHEX File Management Service

Dec 21, 2018

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