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Project Proposals

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ASAM ODS Use-Case Analysis and Problem Resolution Determination Phase 3

Project Nr.
Project Type
Study Project
Proposal Submitter
Honda R&D
Phase 3 (out of 3)
Enroll by
Nov 15, 2018
Project Start
Nov 2018
Public Review
Project End
May 2019
The work group has the purpose to study typical OEM use-cases and to analyse, if they are sufficiently covered by the current ASAM ODS standard. The work group will focus in understanding the standard correctly or - in case that a use-case is not covered by the standard - to determine actions for finding a solution. Enroll for participation by Nov 15, 2018.

Participating Companies
Hino Motors, Ltd., Honda R&D Co., Ltd Automobile R&D Center, Subaru Corporation, A&D Company, Ltd., AVL LIST GMBH, ETAS GmbH, HORIBA, Meidensha Corporation, Micro Technology Co., Ltd., National Instruments Corporation, OnoSokki Co., Ltd., PVMsys Infra Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Siemens AG, Sky Technology Inc., TOYO Corporation

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