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ASAM offers its members the opportunity to review and comment on draft versions of standards before release. This way we want to ensure that the standards contain no significant errors and are not missing important requirements.

Public Reviews

The purpose of a "Public Review" is to involve ASAM members who are not part of the project group but work in the respective domain, to obtain their review feedback and to increase the overall quality and acceptance of a standard prior to its release. If you are employee of an ASAM member company, you are eligible to take part in the review process. A login to ASAM's website is required.


The following standard(s) can be reviewed by all ASAM members:



Public Review ASAM SCDL V1.6.0

Deadline: Oct 04, 2021


ASAM SCDL (Safety Concept Description Language) is a semi-formal notation to describe ISO 26262 safety architectures, namely safety concepts. This includes safety requirement specifications, element architectures, requirements allocation on elements, ASIL assignments, decompositions for safety mechanisms and others. ASAM SCDL as a vendor-independent language, targets modeling methods for ISO 26262 by providing intuitive graphical representations and straightforward processes. Tools based on SCDL support the development, design, analysis, and verification of ISO 26262 artefacts. Interoperability and exchangeability of methods and artefacts are provided.       Read more


ASAM SCDL was designed by a Japanese industry collaboration. This first ASAM version (V1.6.0) was developed by members from Hino Motors, Ltd., Subaru Corporation, YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD., CATS Co., Ltd., Change Vision Inc., DENSO Corporation, DNV Buisiness Assurance Japan, Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd., GAIO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., Toyota Technical Development Corporation, Vector Informatik GmbH, Veoneer, Ensoleille Co. Ltd., Kozo Keikau Engineerin Inc., and Marelli Corp.


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