Public Review

ASAM offers its members the opportunity to review and comment on draft versions of standards before release. This way we want to ensure that the standards contain no significant errors and are not missing important requirements.

Public Review ASAM HMS V1.0.0


ASAM has created the new standard ASAM HMS (HEX-File Management System) which is scheduled for release in Q1 2020. We invite all members to review the draft version before their final release. Deadline for the review is Feb 28, 2019.




The strong interdependencies between ECUs, particularly in the areas of ADAS and autonomous driving, require a sophisticated HEX-file management, which helps engineers to choose the correct HEX-files to be flashed in ECUs that functionally fit to the other ECUs of the system. The goal of this project is to systematically determine matching HEX-files of a complex E/E system and to link development artefacts to specific HEX-files.


ASAM HMS was developed by members from Hino Motors, Ltd., Honda R&D Co., Ltd Automobile R&D Center, Toyota Motor Corporation, AVL LIST GmbH, DXC Technology, ETAS GmbH, and Vector Informatik GmbH.  Read More



Public Review Process

The purpose of this "Public Review" is to involve members of ASAM outside the project group, to obtain their review feedback and to increase the overall quality and acceptance of the standard prior to its release. If you are employee of an ASAM member company, we cordially invite you to take part in this review process. A login to ASAM's website is required.


Please register below, then login to the ASAM website. This double opt-in process is necessary to be able to contact you in case of questions about your comment(s). To reaccess the document later, please use the link in the email we send you after registration.





Please submit your review comments by February 28, 2020.




The goal of ASAM HMS is to enable engineers to correctly choose and distribute HEX-files for all control systems in a vehicle. This shall be achieved by a system which makes HEX-files, its sources and its results accessible within a defined and standardized structure.


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