ASAM OpenXOntology

Concept for a future ontology for the ASAM OpenX standards

ASAM OpenXOntology

Current status: Concept


The release ASAM OpenXOntology is the result of a project that aimed at providing a foundation of common definitions, properties, and relations for central concepts of the ASAM OpenX standards. It currently has the status of a concept and demonstrates how the project group envisions an ontology to be set up in order to best support the standards in the domain Simulation


This release contains 

  • the ontology itself (OWL format) 

  • a reference documentation to accompany the ontology 

  • concrete examples of how to extend and integrate the application, i.e. minimum-working-product (MWP) example that uses a series of examples to demonstrate the capability of the ontology 

  • a Specification / user guide that defines common definitions, properties, and relations for central concepts of the ASAM OpenX standards, including OpenDRIVE, OpenSCENARIO, OpenODD, OSI, and OpenLABEL 


With the release of this concept, we want to make sure that the ASAM OpenXOntology fulfills our vision of providing an underlying framework across all our OpenX standards within the ADAS domain. This means we really want to get it right! Upcoming activities at ASAM aim to work very closely with ASAM OpenXOntology in their standardization work in order to ensure the suitability of all concepts for the various use cases for which it is designed.  


Additionally, we invite all ASAM members to review the concept and let us know of any suggestions and improvements you may have. 



Download ASAM OpenXOntology


The download contains the working results of the eponymous project and demonstrates the project group's view on how an ontology should be set up for the domain Simulation


ASAM  OpenXOntology  (ConcepT)

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