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Label Denotes the name of ECU data, as it is stored by and displayed in MCD-tools.
Map 2D-table with three axes.
Measurement The process of recording data from internal ECU memory and external sensors.
Memory Page An area in memory, characterized by a start and end address.
Metadata Is data which provides information about other data.
Metalanguage Is language for describing other languages on a higher abstraction level.
Port Synonymous expression for 'Interface'.
Public Release Candidate ASAM published a Public Release Candidate for the first time for ASAM OpenSCENARIO V2.0.0. A public release candidate enables the industry to test and implement a standard before its final release. The feedback helps ASAM to make sure that the full release is as good as possible.
Public Specification A specification which is publicly available.
Real-Time Property of a subsystem, which is subject to timing constraints in such a way that it must be capable to respond to events from its environment timely enough so that the overall system remains stable and performs as specified.
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