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IAE Suzhou Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Established in December, 2018, headquartered in Suzhou, China, IAE is a professional service provider in the field of ICV simulation testing and validation, which has R&D centers based in China and Europe. The core team is made of senior experts at home and abroad; top technical and management talents that had experiences in OEMs and internet related industries, who graduated from Tsinghua and other first-class universities. Together we are committed to creating an industry-leading ICV simulation testing technology system and full-stack solutions.
Serving for common requirements from industry, IAE builds and improves the technology and data closed-loop system for ICV simulation, testing and validation, with procedure from massive scenario simulation to extreme scenario testing. IAE supports enterprises to acquire ICV validations efficiently and sufficiently, which will help promote the commercialization of the technology and products. The IAE X-in-Loop® products and its technologies represented by digital twin simulation scenario factory, cloud based massive simulation platform and VaHIL have been widely adapted by OEMs, 1st Tier suppliers, technology companies, research institutes, 3rd party testing institutes as well as governmental demonstration zone for ICV testing.


X-in-Loop®,Scenario Factory, Cloud-based Massive Simulation Platform,VaHIL

12F, Building 9-A, Yangtze River Delta, International R&D Community Startup Area, High-Speed Rail New Town, Suzhou
215133 Suzhou