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AIMMO is re-defining how AI can be used and applied to power smart automation. At the heart of AIMMO's smart automation solution is its proprietary AI-driven approach to the acquisition, curation, labeling, and augmentation of structured, highly accurate training data that is delivered even faster to end users through AIMMO's automated data operations process.
With its transformative supply and licensing models, AIMMO is leading the global enablement of new smart applications to realize automation efficiency in a wide range of fields from autonomous vehicles to smart cities, industry 4.0, robotics, defense and security services.

ASAM related products

AIMMO GTaaS (Ground Truth as a Service)
Vision ML Model Training Data (Ground Truth)
AIMMO’s Ground Truth as a Service (GTaaS) creates training data (Ground Truth) for computer vision Machine Learning (ML) Models. GTaaS labels unstructured data into structured data to accelerate ML Model enhancement. GTaaS can be applied to autonomous driving technology, UAV, media contents, healthcare, smart cities, industry 4.0, robotics, defense and security services.
AIMMO AD-DaaS (Autonomous Driving Data as a Service)
Full life cycle data service about autonomous driving
AIMMO’s Autonomous Driving Data as a Service (AD-DaaS) provides data collection processing services specialising in the autonomous driving sector, which accounts for the largest portion of the unstructured data market. AIMMO’s AD-DaaS is based on the data collected by the self-driving data collection vehicle designed by AIMMO. The data collection, curation, labeling, and analysis processes are performed to advance the self-driving model algorithm. AIMMO collaborates on various projects with automakers around the world and AD-DaaS significantly improves the quality of data supplied to support the algorithm.
AIMMO Enterprise (SaaS)
Web-based collaboration service and annotation platform for business customers
AIMMO Software as a Service (SaaS) Enterprise is a web-based collaboration service for data labeling and, a fast and powerful web-based annotation platform. AIMMO Enterprise supports efficient data labeling with an intuitive user interface and customized features. The service offers multi-platform and OS support using a standard web browser without installing a separate program. Users can experience real-time automatic updates and a Google Angular framework. They will also be able to access powerful analysis tools that increase productivity, as well as built-in communication functions for collaboration.
AIMMO Labelers
Web-based collaboration service and annotation platform for crowd workers.
AIMMO Labelers is a crowd worker service whereby anyone can participate in labeling data projects including data collection and processing while earning a wage for doing so.AIMMO provides full online training. The real-time Q&A function provided in AIMMO Labelers studio allows crowd workers to share information quickly and work efficiently. Over 40,000 crowd workers from all over the world (Korea, Vietnam, and Africa) are currently participating in the data processing project.


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