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Digitrans provides know-how and test infrastructure and accompanies the testing, validation, research and implementation of automated and autonomous commercial vehicles and their various applications. Such as truck-platooning, hub-to-hub transport and last mile delivery. We are thus helping to shape the future of autonomous transport sustainably. Our focus is on automated and autonomous vehicles and driving functions as well as driverless mobility and transport systems in the field of municipal services, logistics and heavy traffic.

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Proving Ground, St. Valentin, Austria
Rental of test infrastructure and provision of know-how and test services for automated commercial vehicles
The test track for autonomous driving in St. Valentin in Austria is specially designed for developers and users who want to test driving functions in autonomous vehicles and commercial vehicles. The focus is on testing a wide variety of traffic and logistics scenarios in poor weather and road conditions. The classic test elements such as asphalt stretches with different ground markings, rough roads, twisting paths, off-road terrain, different gradients and circular paths will be expanded by further important ODD elements and the necessary digital infrastructure (C-ITS / 5G) by 2021. Highlights: ✔️5G / C-ITS test field ✔️Intersection with C-ITS traffic light control ✔️Outdoor sprinkler system with different droplet sizes ✔️Intelligent LED lighting system ✔️City area (City Zone) ans Hub Zone ✔️Driving dynamics area (6 lanes on 20m x 600m) ✔️roundabout
Deployment for automated Use Cases
Consulting and deployment of automated mobility and transport systems in all weather conditions
logistics and transport industry as well as important technology partners, we ensure the implementation of new freight mobility concepts. In cooperation with the BMK, we are working on the framework conditions and are realizing that automated and autonomous transport vehicles, mobility and transport systems can be tried and tested in real operation. The following use cases can be found in our portfolio: ✔️ Implementation of truck platooning ✔️Autonomous hub-to-hub transport ✔️automated cargo handling ✔️automated municipal services ✔️Last mile delivery ✔️autonomous and automated working machines


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Upper Austria
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Mr. Aöexander Barth