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levelXdata provides high-quality naturalistic traffic and scenario data for a wide range of applications.

levelXdata is a product portfolio of fka GmbH and includes:
- Precise trajectory data collected from an aerial perspective with a high level of completeness
- Application-specific datasets from large, diverse trajectory database
- Derived, enriched and statistical data
- Scenario detection and scenario datasets
- Precise digital maps for context and re-simulation
- 3D representations for simulation
- Data as a service
- Drone-based tracking as reference for testing, e.g. vehicle-based sensor sets, scenario-based testing, etc.
- Analysis services and project support for your use case

Whether you develop, test or validate ADAS and AD systems, perform traffic, driver or pedestrian behaviour studies, or infrastructure monitoring and planning, our datasets and services can provide you with the data you need to achieve your goals.

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About fka GmbH:
As a partner to the automotive industry, we at fka have been offering innovative solutions and development services for more than 40 years. The spectrum ranges from conception, simulation and design to prototype construction and experimental testing.

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