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Mindmotiv GmbH is a high-tech B2B software provider from Aachen, Germany. We specialize in cutting-edge solutions for efficient model-based embedded software development and testing. Our customers and clients are OEMs of the automotive, aerospace, and industrial automation domains and their suppliers who want to fully leverage the manifold advantages of model-based embedded development and testing.

ASAM related products

Model-based Testing
Arttest is a fast, user-friendly and powerful tool for functional testing of MATLAB®/Simulink® models as recommended by ISO 26262 and other IEC 61508 derivatives. Key Benefits: ISO 26262-compliant testing and evaluation for MiL, SiL, PiL and HiL simulation, Batch mode for CI/CD, White-box Testing at the model level for Fault Injection, Integration Testing, Interface Testing, Closed-loop testing and many more.
Supported ASAM Standards
Cloud-based Testing Solutions
Lift Testing to the Next Level. Lift it to the Cloud - Nearly all of today's innovations in the automotive domain are software driven: ADAS, engine controllers, infotainment systems, algorithms and models for autonomous driving, etc. Let us help you bringing your testing activities up to date with cloud-based solutions and one of the most advanced and flexible signal processing and evaluation techniques. By that, also the amount of assets that a company has in software or software models grows which leads to both an increasing relevance and complexity of QA measures for these assets Are the measures and activities in your QA processes still connected by manual steps or custom scripts? Are data still exchanged via e-mail or shared folders? We develop the necessary infrastructure between your development and QA departments as well as to suppliers and contractors to establish a clean and smooth process infrastructure. We make use of the most recent cryptography and authentication techniques to guarantee a secure yet convenient user experience.


ISO26262, MIL, SIL, HIL, XIL, Matlab, Simulink, Cloud, Research and Development

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