We welcome our 500th member!

ASAM is pleased to welcome "Hyundai Autron" from Korea as the 500th member to join ASAM! Since ASAM’s foundation in 1998, 500 companies and research institutes have joined the association! A great success - particularly when considering that ASAM membership refers to organizations, not individuals.

Hoehenkirchen, GERMANY – January 30, 2020 – 500 members have joined ASAM since its foundation in 1998. 500 members who support ASAM standardization by contributing expertise and manpower to the development of standards, by implementing ASAM standards into their tools and by applying ASAM compatible products in their tool chains. This proves impressively the relevance of ASAM for the automotive industry.


During the automotive crisis in 2008 and 2009, ASAM had lost a number of members, many of them due to consolidations, mergers and acquisitions. But during the last years, membership has picked up again and is rapidly growing. Today, ASAM has around 300 active members of which 100 have joined in the past 18 months.


Dr. Klaus Estenfeld, Managing Director of ASAM e.V. sums up: “We are proud to count most of the large players of the automotive industry worldwide  to our membership. Our regional scope has grown far beyond Europe with subsidiaries in Japan and China and an active community in North America. With our new standardization domain “simulation” which includes the so-called ASAM OpenX standards to validate automated and autonomous driving functions, we have added a new expertise with high future relevance to ASAM. In addition, we currently notice a growing trend to transfer standards to ASAM and to propose new standard developments within ASAM. We are very happy that the ASAM community is constantly growing and we thank all our members for their support and loyalty.”


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