ASAM Marketing Kit

ASAM offers more than just a platform to develop standards. Our standards can be a door opener for new business opportunities worldwide as they allow your customers to choose a product by its functionalities and no more by integration costs.   Read More: Benefits of ASAM Standards


Tell your customers that your products are compliant to ASAM standards. To support you in this endeavor, we offer various opportunities to announce and advertise your ASAM membership. Some are free of charge, others require a fee that is used to cover the production costs.

We provide you with material for your company communication:

ASAM Logos 

Use the ASAM logo to announce your affiliation to ASAM and our standards. This will show customers that your products support ASAM standards and can be integrated in tool chains easily.


Download Logos        

ASAM Brochures

Use the ASAM marketing brochures to explain your customers who ASAM is, why it is important to be ASAM member and how your customer can take advantage of YOUR ASAM membership.



ASAM Brand Guidelines & Trademarks

When using ASAM Brand Resources in your company communication, please make sure to comply to the ASAM Brand Guidelines.



Brand Guidelines    Trademarks

Get the most out of your membership

ASAM offers several opportunities to advertise your ASAM membership. Take advantage of the following options - some are free of charge, others require a fee that is used to cover the production costs.  



  • Member Directory
    Use the opportunity to introduce your company as ASAM member. It is visited by many persons, decision makers and companies who are interested in ASAM and its standards.  Click here
  • Product Directory
    This directory gives you the opportunity to introduce your ASAM-compliant products. It is mainly visited by companies who seek a new tool for their development process.  Click here
  • Expert Directory
    This directory lists single persons. It is visited by people who seek advice from an expert in a particular field or standard.  Click here
  • Application Stories
    Writing an application story on how ASAM standards have supported and facilitated your customer project is an excellent opportunity to first proof your expertise and application knowledge in ASAM standards. Furthermore, it is excellent advertising for your company. Application stories are published in the ASAM Solutions Guide and on the ASAM website.  Click here
Print Material

The ASAM Solutions Guide is a biennial publication. It is a reference guide to ASAM standards, ASAM members and ASAM compliant products. For many years, this guide has served engineers and managers in vehicle development as valuable information source.


The ASAM Solutions Guide features:

  • Member company profiles and their ASAM compliant products  -> free of charge
  • the latest application stories by our members  -> free of charge
  • advertisements by our members  -> costs apply


The Solutions Guide is printed in a circulation of 5.500 copies. 3.500 copies are sent to a highly relevant target group (ASAM contacts). The other copies are distributed at several ASAM related occasions (trade shows, conferences, meetings, etc).


All ASAM events offer a great opportunity to meet and network with experts from other companies. Some of our events additionally offer marketing opportunities:

  • ASAM International Conference
    Biennial conference with a highly relevant topic. The topic is usually outside of the current ASAM scope. The event is meant to raise awareness, that standardization can offer a solution to overcome challenges in non-competitive questions. Click here
    Members can use this occasion to:
    - exhibit  -> costs apply
    - sponsor the event (sponsor package, lanyards, bag, etc)  -> costs apply 
    - advertise in the program  -> costs apply
  • ASAM Technical Seminar
    The ASAM Technical Seminar is connected the ASAM Annual General Assembly but it is open for non-members. At this occasion, the latest ASAM activities are introduced and discussed. Members can use this occasion to:
    - exhibit  -> currently free of charge
Other Opportunities

ASAM is always stressing the importance of our membership. In that context, we usually refer to our members at the following occasions: 

  • Trade Shows
  • Company Meetings 
  • Regional Meetings
  • etc.

Help to increase the effectiveness of your ASAM advertising

The more people know about ASAM and our standards, the more effective it will be for you. Therefore, we ask you to support our marketing activities. Here is what you can do:


  • Link to the ASAM webpages
    Indicate your membership at ASAM on your website. ASAM provides the logo and information. Link to or to our content pages to provide your users with more information.
  • Let others know that you are ASAM member
    Use the ASAM logo for your communication and marketing material. Send out a press release saying that you are part of the ASAM community. Let people know which standards your products are supporting. This may help you to get into the next tender…
  • Word-of-Mouth
    ASAM is a community of experts with the same interests. Support this community by recommending ASAM standards and the ASAM organization in particular. 



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