ASAM Logos

ASAM permits its members, partners and journalists to use its name and logos to refer to ASAM. The logos may not be altered in proportion, color or shape and may not be used in a misleading manner. For additional formats and sizes, please contact dorothee.bassermann(at)


When using the ASAM logo, please comply to the ASAM Brand Guidelines




ASAM Brand Resources

If you choose to use ASAM brand resources in your company communication, please respect our brand guidelines.


Brand Guidelines

ASAM Logo if you want to refer to ASAM in general.


ASAM Member Logo if you want to refer to your company's ASAM membership.



ASAM Favicon to refer to ASAM within your software tool:


ASAM iLinkRT Logo (different sizes available: 16 x 16 px   -   256 x 256 px)

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