Open Standards for the description of virtual driving environments now bundled at ASAM e.V. Their further development has started

After the Standard OpenDRIVE® (description of road networks) was transferred to ASAM e.V. in September 2018, the contracts to transfer OpenCRG® (description of road surfaces) and OpenSCENARIO® (description of participant behavior) were signed end of October. With this act, the formats for both static and dynamic contents for driving simulation applications are now under the auspices of ASAM. International simulation experts have already discussed important requirements for the further development of the so called “OpenX Standards” during Kick-off Workshops hosted by ASAM.

Höhenkirchen, Germany - November 28, 2018 - OpenSCENARIO® was the last of the three OpenX Standards to be transferred to ASAM. The standard defines a file format that describes dynamic traffic maneuvers (scenarios) for the usage in driving simulators. The transfer of the Standard has been finalized with the contract signing by VIRES Simulationstechnologie GmbH and ASAM e.V. end of October 2018. With this transfer, ASAM has completed its portfolio of descriptions of static content for driving simulation applications by descriptions of dynamic contents. The three standards form the basis of the new ASAM standard domain “simulation”.


Large user base for ASAM OpenX standards


The interest in these standards that describe static and dynamic contents for virtual driving environments is enormous: More than 200 simulation experts from OEMs, suppliers, tool vendors, and research institutes worldwide participated in the kick-off workshops, expressed their requirements for the standards, and presented necessary feature add-ons. The results of the workshops form the basis for the further development of the standards.


“For 12 years, we have been developing in collaboration with our project partners these standards that have now been transferred to ASAM. From the beginning, it was the goal not only to describe static contents as defined in OpenDRIVE® and OpenCRG® but also dynamic contents as defined in OpenSCENARIO®. It is important to keep the standards in the responsibility of one professional organization to guarantee a concerted further development of the standards” remarks Marius Dupuis, managing director of VIRES Simulationstechnologie GmbH.


Dr. Klaus Estenfeld, managing director of ASAM e.V. completes: „With the signing of the transfer contracts we have set the basis that the OpenX Standards can be further developed in a professional standardization organization thus creating a sustainable value for the development activities in the area of highly-automated driving worldwide.”


In a next step, the current versions of the standards will be adopted to formal ASAM standards and distributed free of charge via the ASAM website. These documents will serve as basis for subsequent standardization activities. In parallel, different work groups will start to further develop the standards soon. The work scope of these working groups will be defined in ASAM Proposal Workshops taking place in January 2019.


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