Dr. Klaus Estenfeld New Managing Director of ASAM e.V.

Dr. Klaus Estenfeld is following Mr. Preis as Managing Director of ASAM e.V. Mr. Preis who has headed ASAM for 8 years is leaving the association to pursue new professional challenges. Dr. Estenfeld who has a background in telematics and telecommunication will continue to advance the internationalization of ASAM and will additionally focus on strengthening the member relationship.

Dr. Klaus Estenfeld who is holding a diploma in Computer Science, has gained long-standing management experience in large and medium businesses as well as in start-ups. During his career he held several positions in innovation management, partner management and customer relationship management. Over the years, he has successfully established several new businesses, e.g. in expert systems, design automation, UMTS telephones, cloud computing and telematics solutions. Dr. Estenfeld’s proficiency in technical projects as well as his extensive experience in managing international projects will make him a great asset to the international ASAM community. 

During his work at ASAM e.V., Dr. Estenfeld will advance the internationalization of the association and pursue a stronger relationship to our members. This month, Mr. Preis and Dr. Estenfeld will co-operate in the office in order to guarantee a smooth transition. We welcome Dr. Estenfeld and are looking forward to working with him in the future. 


At the same time, we regret to announce that Mr. Preis is leaving the organization. 

Mr. Preis has been appointed Managing Director in 2008. Over the years he has successfully expanded the association both internally and externally: During his office period, the number of member companies doubled with many of the new members coming from outside Europe. He successfully drove internationalization by fostering the establishment of American and Asian work groups and ultimately by founding ASAM Japan G.K. Internally, Mr. Preis has established several new positions within the ASAM office to support the expansion and internationalization. During his time in office, he was able to increase the service portfolio of ASAM by offering technical consulting, support and training. Additionally, Mr. Preis streamlined internal processes: Particularly the establishment of a paywall to access the ASAM standards increased the revenue of ASAM immensely.

Mr. Preis is leaving a prosperous and well managed association. We thank Mr. Preis for his commitment and wish him all the best for his future career.

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