Corona and its Implications on ASAM

Due to the corona virus outbreak, the ASAM Office will perform its tasks from home during the next few weeks. All F2F Meetings are replaced by online meetings until further notice.

The current corona crisis worldwide reminds us in a very drastic way that physical health is the most important asset for all of us, and has to be protected by all of us, especially in these days. We at ASAM want – and have – to protect you all as well as our employees and their families.


Lead by this obligation, the ASAM Board of Directors and the Managing Director decided at a very early stage to lock the ASAM Office and to outsource the work to home office and reallocated face to face meetings to web conferencing mode.


Fortunately, we at ASAM are in the privileged situation that we can do this without bigger disadvantages and consequences for us, and also for you. Web conferences and working remotely is part of our daily work since years. Nevertheless, meeting face to face will stay the preferred way to interact and to collaborate in ASAM! This will not change. But with the virus, priorities changed overnight, and we all have to be most careful and to reduce personal contacts to a minimum!


What is our way forward? The work in the standardization working groups, at the Technical Steering Committee, the Coordination Group: Simulation and the Board of Directors continue, but all online.
We have succeeded in transferring all physical meetings of the recent two weeks into web conferences. Also, the ASAM General Assembly 2020, the most important member meeting was organized virtually, and it worked out perfectly. Our calendar for the next weeks to come is full with online workshops and events – together with you. Our employees will stay at home office as long as it is required and necessary, we definitely will avoid every personal risk for them and their families.


To keep you informed about our latest and planned activities, please visit the ASAM Website ( In addition, we have significantly increased our presence in the social media, like LinkedIn and Youtube.


We are overwhelmed and grateful about your contribution and active participation in this terrible times and we would like to encourage you to continue to support us further.

Last but not least, our thanks go to our employees and their families worldwide. We know that without their support and helpfulness, this high level of personal initiative would not be possible.


We have absolute confidence in our organization, that we will not only overcome this crisis, but also emerge from it even stronger together with you.


Today, your and our health has top priority, please stay healthy!


With the hope to see you all healthy again soon,



Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker                                           Dr. Klaus Estenfeld

Chairman of the Board of                                        Managing Director


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