ASAM hosted 1st Regional Meeting in China

ASAM has hosted its first Regional Meeting in China on Nov 26, 2020. Up to 3000 participants took part online in this interesting event. The ASAM Regional Meetings serve our members and interested experts to network with other members and to learn more about current activities at ASAM. Regional Meetings are held in the mother tongue which increases acceptance and value for the participants.

The 1st ASAM Regional Meeting China was organized and conducted by C-ASAM, a joint initiative of ASAM and CATARC that aims to establish ASAM standardization in the Chinese market. After an introduction of ASAM,  members like SAIC, Huawei, Tencent, LiangDao, Softing China and CATARC explained why they decided to become ASAM members and gave insights on how they benefit from their membership by contributing to ASAM projects and by applying ASAM standards.


One important aspect of the meeting was the introduction of C-ASAM. This initiative has been successfully established in 2019 and is already supporting Chinese members and experts with ASAM standardization.


It was planned to hand over a Chinese version of ASAM OpenDRIVE V1.6 and ASAM OpenSCENARIO 1.0 to all participants in a formal ceremony. Due to the corona virus outbreak, the copies are sent by mail. However, LiangDao had the kindness to present the translated versions to Dr. Klaus Estenfeld, managing director at ASAM, in Höhenkirchen, Germany (see picture).


In the future, C-ASAM will offer many services to Chinese members and interested experts: They will host a Chinese website and conduct technical seminars and trainings. Workgroups shall be established to either contribute directly to current standardization activities or to develop completely new standards. Additionally, C-ASAM will address requirements and change requests from Chinese members to existing standards thus driving them forward.


The subsequent day, CATARC has held online trainings on the standards ASAM OpenDRIVE and ASAM OpenSCENARIO as well as on ASAM ODS.


All in all, the ASAM Regional Meeting China was a very interesting event that facilitated the onboarding of our new Chinese members and gave them an interesting overview on current activities both at ASAM and other member companies.


We thank our partner CATARC for organizing the event, LiangDao and particularly Ms. Wantang Lin, for translating the OpenX standards and for handing them to us, and to all participants and new members who have taken the time to join us at this interesting event.



ASAM Regional Meeting CN - Part 1         ASAM REGIONAL MEETING  Part 2


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