ASAM Creates Hub to Capture New Ideas

ASAM is streamlining processes to capture new standardization topics in the automotive industry. Therefore, ASAM is gathering ideas to be published and openly debated on a future ideation page of the ASAM website. The ultimate goal ist to bring ideas forward to the standardization process.

ASAM is streamlining processes for new ideas that are brought into ASAM. The ideation phase was officially created as a starting point, a place to exchange and discuss new actions in ASAM. The goal: to identify trends and consolidate well-established ideas, to raise interest of other experts, and to successfully transfer these ideas to the proposal phase for new standards.

To engage more directly with our members, ASAM takes the next step and provides the Idea Hub.

  • Have you had an idea for a standard but not had time to attract attention outside your organization?
  • Have you read an interesting article that may be of interest to others in the ASAM Community? 
  • Do you know exactly whom to contact at other organizations who have similar requirements as you to drive new standardization?


The ASAM Office invites you to submit your ideas, to share interesting articles, and provide feedback to ideation(at)
In return, the ASAM Office will review and publish the content in a blog format on a new Ideation Page on the new ASAM Website. This blog format will allow a controlled, cultivated, and timely posting and provide a space for comments and feedback from the ASAM membership.


The email address ideation(at) is functional now. The new Ideation Page will be a new feature introduced with new ASAM Website – to be launched Fall 2017.

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