NIO Inc. joined ASAM as Member No. 600

NIO Inc., a pioneer and a leading manufacturer of premium smart electric vehicles in China, joined ASAM in July 2021. NIO is the 600th member joining ASAM since the foundation of the Association in December 1998. This is another important milestone for ASAM and an impressive testimonial of the importance of ASAM standards internationally.

Hoehenkirchen, Germany – July 26, 2021 – NIO Inc., the China based automotive OEM with focus on premium smart electric vehicles was received as the 600th member in the history of ASAM. The company also known for its innovative charging and swapping infrastructure is currently expanding into Europe. It has design and research & development centers in China, Germany, the US and the UK. With their first autonomous driving car, ET7, NIO is considered as a pioneer in autonomous driving and plans to engage in the ASAM OpenX standards development activities.


NIO is one of many international members that have recently joined the standardization organization. The number of ASAM members from outside Europe is continuously increasing. Since the foundation of C-ASAM, a common setup between ASAM e.V. and CATARC in September 2019 the interest in ASAM standards gains significant momentum in China. China is currently one of the fastest growing markets for ASAM and worldwide the no. 3 in the number of ASAM members per country.


Dr. Klaus Estenfeld, ASAM Executive Advisor and member of the C-ASAM Advisory Committee says: "We are very proud to have NIO on board as a new member. With our new standardization domain "Simulation", which includes the ASAM OpenX standards for the validation of automated and autonomous driving functions, we have added a new expertise with high future relevance to ASAM. This is one of the reasons, why highly innovative companies, such as NIO, are joining our organization.”


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