ASAM OpenSCENARIO® 1 and 2 split into separate standards

The ASAM Technical Steering Committee has decided that the two versions of ASAM OpenSCENARIO, 1.x. (now XML) and 2.x (now DSL), shall be developed as two separate standards, with no formal migration nor convergence required by ASAM.

Since the inclusion of OpenSCENARIO in the ASAM standards portfolio, the Standard has been further developed and its functionality extended. One major step was the development of ASAM OpenSCENARIO V2.0.0 which introduces the concept of a domain-specific language into scenario descriptions and an extendable domain model representing the central concepts of the on-road driving domain. This development has taken place in parallel to the further development of ASAM OpenSCENARIO V1 track which is based on the original version of OpenSCENARIO. The idea was to merge both versions into one in the future. 


In recent times it has become more and more clear, that both standards occupy different positions in the application toolchain and that further efforts to merge the two standards are neither reasonable nor necessary. To help users determine the most appropriate standard for their use case, they are delineated by their primary use case, the main use case for which the standard is intended and a key consideration behind many design decisions. The primary use case is not exclusive, the standards may be (and are) used for a wide variety of additional use cases, with overlap, but these are not specified here. 


The primary use cases are as following:


  • XML schema for describing scenarios with synchronized maneuvers of vehicles, pedestrians, and other traffic participants
  • Supports specifying precise trajectories with capability to parameterize and vary their properties
  • Structured format that can be validated, edited, imported, and exported by simulation tools and content editors
  • Tuned to support trigger-action scenario descriptions
  • Optimized for simple machine parsing and processing
  • Primary use case: predictable highly precise scenarios that may be used with external test specification for V&V

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  • Domain specific programming language for describing test scenarios of synchronized maneuvers of vehicles, pedestrians, other traffic participants and ADS function control
  • Supports specifying scenario intent at a higher level of abstraction along with KPIs, checks, & coverage metrics
  • Built-in abstract road descriptions
  • Designed to enable exploration of scenario/functionality space to identify potential unknowns
  • Optimized for composability to maximize scenario reuse
  • Designed as V&V programming language
  • Enables higher level of automated test generation at scale
  • Primary Use case: Large scale V&V 

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To allow the best possible further development of both standards, ASAM will not request further alignment of the two standards in the future but will continue to encourage it.  

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