ASAM ODS cross test shows compatibility of ODS clients and servers

On Nov 2 - 3, 2022, ASAM e.V. invited the ASAM ODS community to test their ODS servers and ODS compliant tools. Purpose of the cross test is to test the compatibility among ASAM ODS-based software components (i.e. servers and clients) from different vendors. The event was hosted by BMW at the BMW Training Academy in Unterschleissheim.

The participating companies cooperated to review and improve their software in real-world scenarios. They helped each other to understand the small differences in the data formats of the various programs and to solve the difficulties that can arise when interpreting this data. It was also possible to discuss ambiguities and contradictions in the Standard, which can then be eliminated in the next version of the Standard


The cross test took place for two days. The first day served to put together all connection possibilities of ODS servers and clients. A DHCP server took care of the assignment of IP addresses and a router provided LAN and WLAN to ensure the physical connections. By evening, each ODS client was able to establish successful connections to ODS servers. At the same time, ATFX data sets were made available to test their compatibility with the ASAM ODS Standard. On the second day, extensive testing was carried out. A test sheet was created for each client, on which the test criteria for the individual servers was documented. 



We were very happy to see that also recently launched ODS clients were part of the cross test. In case of difficulties, participants helped each other to solve the issues. Misunderstandings could be clarified on-site. Some of the paricipants could already adapt their software during the event, others received valuable feedback on how to tackle their issues. Also the ATFX files could be examined with several clients and validated with corresponding graphical evaluations. The test sheets will now help the developers of the respective software components to improve compatibility with ASAM-ODS, and thus with other clients or servers.

The ASAM ODS cross test was a very positive experience for all attendees with many insights that will be included in the next Standard development project. We thank BMW for hosting this event and for providing the infrastructure and facilities.


Participating companies


•    HiqhQSoft (HTTP- and CORBA-API)
•    Peak Solution (HTTP- and CORBA-API)
•    AVL (HTTP- and CORBA-API)
•    KS Engineers (HTTP-API)



•    HiqhQSoft (HTTP- and CORBA-API)
•    AVL (HTTP- and CORBA-API)
•    Siemens (HTTP- and CORBA-API)
•    Beta CAE
•    ETAS



•    Müller BBM
•    Siemens
•    Vibes Technology

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