Date: March 03, 2020

Location: ASAM e.V. Höhenkirchen, Germany

OpenLABEL Project Proposal Workshop - Summary


Welcome and Introduction

The OpenLABEL Workshop was opened by the ASAM Office. Dr. Klaus Estenfeld introduced ASAM and the current activities in the ASAM Simulation domain. Download


Vicomtech – Semantic Labelling for AD Development & Validation

Our new ASAM Members Vicomtech presented their experience in the field of data labeling and ontology. Download


Presentation Ideation Workshop Results

The ASAM office presented the results from the ideation workshop held on Dec 3, 2019  including the activities from that workshop till the current proposal workshop. In parallel to the OpenLABEL Project a secondary project emerged from the OpenSCENARIO Concept group. That group wants to create a new Ontology for all the OpenX standards. Due to these activities the OpenLABEL Project focus is shifted. Download Ideation Results


Walkthrough the Project Proposal and Refinement

After the presentation of the ideation workshop results the identified use cases from the project proposal  were presented. Based on this proposal, three working groups have formed: 


Workgroup 1: "Distinction between Ontology and OpenLABEL"

  1. Focus Ontology
    The Ontology project will focus on defining the terminology and description of the objects (e.g. what is a car, what is a pedestrian, what is a truck). To accomplish this, the Ontology project will need input from the other OpenX Projects, particularly from OpenLABEL. The Ontology project will provide an answer on "what can be labeled" while OpenLABEL will define "how to label" it.
  2. Focus OpenLABEL
    As the ontology projects defines the objects, OpenLABEL will focus on how to assign these labels to objects found in provided data. OpenLABEL will also focus on labeling scenarios with labels derived from the object labels but also abstract labels that can not be derived from the object labels (e.g. time to collision < 3 sec, rainy weather). 
  • OpenLABEL will define an annotation format/schema based on an exiting file format (e.g. json)
  • OpenLABEL will cover scenario labeling and object labeling methods
  • The OpenLABEL concept project will provide requirements to the ontology project. 

Workgroup 2: Scenario Labeling
The Scenario labeling workgroup wishes for OpenLABEL to define the difference between scenario labeling and object labeling. In addition, OpenLABEL has to describe how to add meta data to the scenarios.


Workgroup 3: Object Labeling
The object labeling workgroup presented a clearer picture on how objects should be labeled and what the tasks will be in this field.

  • OpenLABEL will define methods of labeling (e.g. 3D bounding box, 2D box, semantic segmentation, ...)
  • OpenLABEL will provide a structure on how to set up the schema for labels including meta data (e.g. actions, relations of objects)


Voting and Resource Commitment, Definition Next Steps

After the working groups presented their results, the focus of the OpenLABEL project is set more clearly, particularly its differentiation to the ontology project. The attendees should decide on how to proceed with the project: 

  • Option A: Start OpenLABEL with a short (6 month) concept project and continue with a standard development project
  • Option B: Start with the standard development project right away knowing that this may lengthen the development period to 12 -18 months

The group agreed on option A with the following roadmap:




Resource Commitment

The following companies committed to take part in the concept project: 

  • Advanced Data Controls, JP
  • AKKA, DE
  • Automotive Data of China, CN
  • AVL List GmbH, AT
  • Connected Places Catapult, UK
  •, US
  • Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, DE
  • dSPCE, DE
  • EFS, DE
  • iASYS, IN
  • Liangdao, DE
  • Peak Solution, DE
  • RA Consulting, DE
  • Siemens, NL
  •, DE
  • WMG - University of Warwick, UK


Next Steps

  1. The project proposal will be refined until the TSC on Mar 12, 2020
  2. ASAM will host the initial kick off workshop in the beginning of April
  3. A project leader needs to be elected at the kickoff workshop

ASAM OpenLABEL Concept Project

Read more about the project on the
project page.



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