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Verification and validation of Euro NCAP scenarios based on simulation of responsibility-sensitive safety (RSS) and safety force field (SFF) metrics


Ho Suk   |   Junekyo Jhung

both PhD Candidate

Yonsei University 



Ho Suk[1], Junekyo Jhung[1], Minseok Won[2], Taewoo Kim[1], Junyong Lee[1], Cheolhee Yoon[3], and Shiho Kim[1]

[1] Seamless Transportation Lab, School of Integrated Technology, Yonsei University, Incheon, 21983, S. Korea

[2] System Test, Verification & Validation, HL Klemove, Incheon, 22011, S. Korea

[3] Autonomous Driving Security Laboratory, Police Science Institute, Korean National Police University, Asan, 31539, S. Korea



As the level of AD functions advances, we need to deal with various events and unexpected or unseen problems in the Simulation scenario. Hence, the system must be verified and validated through critical and realistic scenarios to guarantee the Operational Design Domain. We implemented Euro NCAP test scenarios utilizing the CARLA simulator in a reasonable and applicable manner that complies with the ASAM OpenSCENARIO format. Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) and Safety Force Field (SFF) metrics were utilized for the assessment. The results show whether the AVs work properly and whether the driving policy has balanced safety without threatening or disturbing the smooth traffic flow.