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A systematic scenario-based framework for safety validation of autonomous vehicle system


Dr. Babak Shahian Jahrom

Staff Autonomous Systems Engineer - Technical Lead,

Waabi Innovation



The framework intends to partition the world/system ODD into a set of representative scenarios and test cases that allow us to evaluate the AV systems’ safety accurately. There are four main challenges that this framework addresses. First is what scenario categories to use for extracting (functional) scenarios from data. The second is properly defining the (logical) scenarios parameter space by modeling the ODD, i.e., finding the relevant test parameters and values. The third is finding and selecting the relevant (concrete) scenarios from many parameterized extracted scenarios. This will help us minimize the number of test cases that are not adding value to our test coverage. Finally, ensuring the framework and generated scenarios have a unified and modular structure. This will allow us to extend and automate the process where possible