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How ASAM OpenX standards play a critical role for AV development through faster and guaranteed interoperability?


Arun Prasad                                                                              Vignesh Amur

Product Manager Autonomous Vehicles                    Automotive Domain Consultant, Smart Mobility Group

Tata Consultancy Services                                                Tata Consultancy Services



The autonomous development toolchain is increasingly complex and needs inter-operability and reliability between systems and modules for faster development, testing and Validation and deployment. The key for accelerating autonomous vehicle development is seamless integration across different systems. In this talk, we explore how the concept of ASAM OpenX enables inter-operability as applied to annotation pipeline and Simulation led Validation and how a shared virtual world can help in accelerating a safer, faster, and cost-effective approach for autonomous vehicle development, right from feature development to Verification and Validation and help in anticipating performance failures, fatal crashes and safety scenarios.