ASAM Launches Open Source Tooling Platform To Support Use of ASAM OpenX Standards for the Validation of Autonomous Driving Functions

ASAM e.V. (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) has set up an open source platform to host tools from member companies that support the implementation and use of ASAM OpenX standards. BMW AG has already contributed an ALKS scenario interpretation based on ASAM OpenSCENARIO® and ASAM OpenDRIVE®.

Hoehenkirchen, GERMANY (Jul 13, 2021) – In the past two years, the so-called ASAM OpenX standards (ASAM OpenDRIVE®, ASAM OpenCRG®, ASAM OpenSCENARIO® and ASAM OSI®) were transferred to ASAM. These standards describe an interface as well as static and dynamic content for driving and traffic simulators and are used to validate autonomous driving functions. Since the transfer, the user base has multiplied and the standards are further developed at a rapid pace. ASAM has identified a great need for tools to support the implementation, training and use of these standards. For that purpose, ASAM has implemented an open source platform to host and share ASAM compatible tooling that help to better understand the standards and facilitate their usage. “Our goal is to bring about a platform and community that directly supports our standards and makes using or adopting them as easy as possible,” says Benjamin Engel, Global Technology Manager at ASAM e.V.


The ASAM Open Source Platform is hosted on GitHub ( The tools posted there are subject to the responsibility and license terms of the providing company. They are accessible to all companies free of charge and can be used independently of an ASAM membership. First tools are already available:


OEMs Contribute First Test Scenarios

A first tool is already available: BMW AG contributes test scenarios from the ALKS (Automated Lane Keeping System) control that it has implemented based on ASAM OpenSCENARIO and ASAM OpenDRIVE. The derived XML files are executable with all Standard-compliant simulators. This task was part of the German research project SET Level.


Other members have already expressed their interest in contributing tooling as well. "The ASAM Open Source Platform strives to benefit all existing and future adaptors of our OpenX Standards. I’m confident that its freely available content will accelerate the adoption of our standards, raise more interest in contributing to ASAM standardization  and bring the industry one step closer to safe and affordable autonomous driving solutions”, summarizes Peter Voss, Managing Director of ASAM e.V.


All hosted tools on this platform are non-normative. They are subject to the responsibility and original license terms of the providing company. ASAM is not responsible for the development or maintenance of the tools. The decision whether a member may publish its open source tool on the ASAM Open Source Platform is the responsibility of the Coordination Group: Simulation, an ASAM body that ensures coordinated activities among the OpenX standards and monitors trends and activities outside ASAM. The association provides the repository and infrastructure to host these tools, but does not guarantee their timeliness, accuracy, or completeness.


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