Magdalena Weintritt

Management Assistant

Magdalena Weintritt


Magdalena Weintritt is responsible for member management and bookkeeping. She processes requests for joining ASAM or cancelling an existing membership, and she answers any questions or issues in connection with the membership. As head of bookkeeping, she handles incoming and outgoing invoices and is responsible for the annual financial audit. In addition to these tasks, Ms. Weintritt assists the CEO and the Board members with the administration of the ASAM organization and makes travel arrangements for the entire ASAM office. 


Please contact Ms. Weintritt for 

  • Questions on the membership 
  • Change requests on your company's membership status
  • Membership or cancellation requests
  • Purchasing requests for standards
  • Incoming and outgoing invoices

Magdalena Weintritt

Altlaufstr. 40

85635 Hoehenkirchen


Phone:   +49 8102 701390 84

Mobile:   +49 170 9210718

Email:    magdalena.weintritt(at)