Dorothée Bassermann

Marketing Manager

Dorothee Bassermann

Marketing Manager



Dorothée is responsible for the ASAM marketing activities. In this function, she takes measures to sustain and increase awareness of ASAM and ASAM standards. She manages ASAM exhibits at trade shows, organizes meetings and conferences, publishes press releases, and runs various marketing campaigns.

Dorothée also makes sure that ASAM members are well informed about current and upcoming activities by managing the ASAM website and the ASAM newsletter distribution. 

Additionally, she further develops the ASAM marketing platform, thus providing marketing opportunities for ASAM members. 


You should contact Dorothee for information on:

  • Events, conferences, and meetings 
  • ASAM website
  • News and press releases
  • Submission of application stories (submission of application stories is possible at any time)
  • Marketing opportunities for ASAM members
  • any other marketing related issues



Dorothée holds a degree in “Languages, Economics and Cultural Studies” from the University of Passau, Germany. She started her professional career as Marketing Trainee (Internationale Nachwuchsgruppe) at Daimler AG where she gained experience in various strategic projects within the Marketing division. She continued her career at Daimler Global Service and Parts developing and surveying marketing measures to improve aftersales activities globally. After a three-year stay in the US, Dorothee took over the marketing activities at ASAM e.V.

Dorothée Bassermann

Altlaufstr. 40

85635 Hoehenkirchen



Phone:   +49 8102 701390 85

Mobile:   +49 151 6441 2188

Email:     dorothee.bassermann(at)