Bernd Wenzel

Senior Technology Manager

Bernd Wenzel

Senior Consultant



Bernd Wenzel is supervising and supporting the classic domains of ASAM: Measurement & Calibration, Diagnostics, ECU Networks, Software Development, Test Automation, and Data Management & Analytics. In his role as Senior Technical Consultant, he takes part in technical standardization projects, where he moderates and writes technical specifications. He also consults and assists project leaders and group members and guides them through the ASAM standardization development process. 



Since the foundation of ASAM e.V., Bernd has been working as service provider for many different projects, particularly for ASAM ACI, ASAM GDI, ASAM CERP, and ASAM CPX. He is specializing in ASAM MCD-3 (both MC and D), ASAM XIL and ASAM OTX


Before joining ASAM e.V., Bernd was managing director of M&K GmbH for 24 years. His academic background is in Electro Technology which he studied at the University of Chemnitz. He is also experienced in standardization projects at DIN and NAM.

Bernd is the contact person for AUTOSAR and ISO/TC 184 and is responsible for the preparation and moderation of Technical Steering Committee (TSC) meetings. 


Bernd Wenzel

Draisdorfer Str. 54

09114 Chemnitz


Phone:   +49 8102 701390 82

Mobile:   +49 177 7861595

Email:      bernd.wenzel(at)