Open Source Tooling Platform

Open Source tools to support the implementation, training and use of ASAM OpenX standards.

ASAM Open Source Tooling Platform

Support for the Implementation and Use of ASAM OpenX Standards

Since the transfer of ASAM OpenDRIVE, ASAM OpenCRG, ASAM OpenSCENARIO and ASAM OSI, the user base for these standards has multiplied and they are further developed at a rapid pace. Additionally, new standards complement the ASAM OpenX standards portfolio.


ASAM has identified a great need for tools to support the implementation, training and use of the ASAM OpenX standards. For that purpose, ASAM has implemented an open source platform to host and share ASAM compatible tooling that help to better understand the standards and facilitate their usage. 


ASAM invites all members to contribute to the platform. The ASAM Open Source Platform is hosted on GitHub ( The tools posted there are accessible to all companies free of charge and can be used independently of an ASAM membership. 


Open Source Platform





All hosted tools on this platform are non-normative. They are subject to the responsibility and original license terms of the providing company. ASAM is not responsible for the development or maintenance of the tools. The decision whether a member may publish its open source tool on the ASAM Open Source Platform is in the responsibility of the Coordination Group: Simulation, an ASAM body that ensures coordinated activities among the OpenX standards and monitors trends and activities outside of ASAM. The association provides the repository and infrastructure to host these tools, but does not guarantee their timeliness, accuracy, or completeness.


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ASAM Open Source Tooling Platform,
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