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ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company, which acquired TRW Automotive on May 15, 2015, is now represented across 230 locations in some 40 countries. The two companies, which were still independent in 2014, achieved a sales figure exceeding €30 billion with 134,000 employees. As in previous years, both companies have invested approximately 5 percent of their sales in Research and Development (recently €1.6 billion) in order to be successful with innovative products. ZF is one of the top three automotive suppliers worldwide.


Driveline Technology Drive Systems Automatic transmissions and dual clutch transmissions for cars; Manual transmissions and automation of manual transmissions for cars; Electric drives and hybrid systems for cars, CVs, and lift trucks; Manual transmissions for CVs, special vehicles, and off-road machinery; Automatic transmissions for CVs, special vehicles, and off-road machinery; Powershift transmissions, continuously variable transmissions, and synchromesh transmissions for off-road machinery and special vehicles; Generator/Hybrid systems for off-road machinery; All-wheel drive and axle drive systems for cars, CVs, and special vehicles; Thrusters and shallow draft thrusters for ships; Surface and pod drives for ships; Transmissions for ships and aircraft; power units; wind turbine, escalator and elevator gearboxes; Hybrid-capable transmissions for ships; Rotor systems for aircraft and helicopters; Drives for mixers, rail vehicles, aircraft, and plant and industrial engineering; Drives for pumps of the oil and gas industry; Test systems for transmissions Drive Components Wet and dry-running clutches, clutch systems, and torque converters for cars, CVs, special vehicles, off-road machinery, and rail vehicles; Dual clutches for CVs and cars; Front and rear axle drives, bevel gearsets, and differentials for cars; Dual-mass flywheels for cars and CVs; PTOs for CVs, special vehicles, and off-road machinery; Retarder systems for CVs, special vehicles, and construction machinery; Control systems for cars, CVs, special vehicles, off-road machinery, and ships; Gearshift systems and electronic components for cars, CVs, and off-road machinery; Differentials for off-road machinery; Transfer cases for special vehicles and off-road machinery; Propellers for ships; Brakes and clutches for plant and industrial engineering; Cargo loading system and rescue hoists for aircraft; Light-alloy casting control components, transmission housings and inner components; Test systems for transmissions and their components; Rotor blades and oils; Torsional dampers for off-road machinery and special vehicles; PTOs and PTO clutches for CVs, special vehicles, and off-road machinery; Clutches for auxiliaries for CVs Chassis Technology Chassis Systems Front and rear axle systems for cars and CVs; Adaptive damping systems for cars, CVs, motorcycles, off-road and agricultural machinery; Tag axle systems for CVs; Cabin suspension systems and rear axle suspension systems for CVs; Electric portal axle systems for CVs; Corner modules for cars, CVs, and agricultural machinery; Axles and axle components for off-road machinery; Test systems for axles; Electronic stability control for cars; Braking systems with front-wheel brake, rear-wheel brake, and electric parking brake for cars; Hydraulic brake boosters for cars; Integrated brake control systems for cars; Anti-lock braking system Steering Systems Electric and electrically powered hydraulic steering with belt drive/column drive for cars; Power steering systems for CVs; Single and dual-stage compact high-efficiency pumps for cars; Active rear axle steering for cars Chassis Components Damper modules and damping systems for cars, CVs, rail vehicles, off-road and agricultural machinery, motorsports, and motorcycles; Tie rods, stabilizers, and stabilizer links for cars; Links, control arms, suspension joints, and cross-axis joints for cars; Wheel carriers and hubs for cars; Leveling systems for cars; Cabin suspensions and cabin anti-roll bars for CVs; Suspension modules, 4-point links, v-links, control arms, and stabilizer links for CVs; Torque rods, tie rods, and drag links for cars and CVs; Stabilizer supports and suspension joints for cars and CVs; Weight-optimized brake pedals for cars Electronics and Software Gearshift systems for cars, CVs, and off-road machinery; Control systems for cars, CVs, special vehicles, off-road machinery, ships, industrial engineering, and rail vehicles; Telematics systems for cars and CVs; Keyless entry systems for cars; Tire pressure monitoring systems for cars; Body control systems for cars; Window lifters, headlight switches, start/stop switches, seat adjustment switches, phone control pads, AC control modules; Integrated control panels; Steering column control modules; Steering column switches and modules; Control units/modules for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC); Brake light, clutch, and rain/light/moisture sensors for cars; Electric steering column lock; Electronic components for cars, CVs, and off-road machinery; Software and safety domain ECU for cars and CVs; Scalable camera and radar sensors; Airbag control units; Electronics for crash detection; Crash sensors; Pedestrian protection systems; Diagnosis tools for CVs Occupant Safety Systems Driver and passenger airbags; Self-adaptive & passive airbag vents; Gentle airbag deployment; Knee and side airbags; Curtain and rollover airbags; Inflators; Hood lifter actuators for cars; Retractors and seat belt buckles; Pyrotechnic pretensioners, seat belt buckle and anchor pretensioners; Seat belt height adjusters and seat belt extenders; Seat-integrated seat belts; Active control retractor (ACR); Active buckle lifter (ABL); Buckles; Steering torque control, adaptive restraints, pre-crash and GPS-based safety for cars; Steering wheel with integrated display and Hands On/Off Detection for cars; Standard steering wheel concept, advanced steering wheel, multifunctional steering wheel for cars; Driver Assist Systems Adaptive cruise control; Lane keeping assist; Automatic emergency braking; Emergency steering control Partially Automated Driving Functions Traffic jam assist; Highway driving assist

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