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ZD Automotive is one of the important development partners in the automotive industry. We serve international OEMs as well as tier 1 suppliers with our first class products and services. With four locations in China and a development center in Ingolstadt, we benefit simultaneously from access to the largest automotive market and leading technologies. At present, our company employs nearly 500 people worldwide.

In addition to our core area of infotainment system development and test automation, we have further expanded our expertise in the areas of signal simulation/tracing and V2X. With our products ZD Box and ZD Datalogger, we offer also solutions for modern vehicle bus systems. Additionally, based on our experience and our strong network, we apply consulting and support for customers who intend to expand business to China.

ASAM related products

ZD Datalogger 2 Product Family
Recording of all common vehicle bus systems
ZD Datalogger 2 Product Family is an automotive bus data logging product tailored to the needs for mass data logging of vehicle, whose integrated bus interfaces, storage function of the integrated design and low power consumption with good heat dissipation of the electrical design, are completely able to meet the users’ demands that projects will be rapidly deployed. ZD Datalogger 2 Product Family supports current standard automotive bus interfaces, including 100/1000 Base-T1 (2F), 1000 Base-T, FlexRay (A&B), CAN/CAN FD, LIN and Serial etc. In terms of storage, ZD Datalogger 2 Product Family is available with a variety of storage options, such as local SSD storage from 500GB to 4TB, wireless data transfer via WIFI and USB internet stick, and cloud storage.
ZD Box 2
Test automation and simulation
ZD BOX 2 is an industry-leading high-performance simulation platform. The compact design integrates diverse bus interfaces and edge computing power for rapid deployment in a variety of scenarios, including R&D lab environments and real vehicle tests. With the ARM Cortex-A72 and ARM Cortex-A53 processors, ZD BOX 2 balances computing power and energy consumption, reducing the need for external power and heat dissipation of automotive applications. It covers a wide range of business needs from R&D to testing in the automotive industry. The compact design of hardware and software saves users' resources both in equipment management and project management.
ZD-Converter Series
Automotive Ethernet Converter
ZD-Converter series is the industry-leading Automotive Ethernet standard interface device, which realizes the media conversion function between Automotive Ethernet and Standard Ethernet by using ethernet switch in a physical layer with low latency. Basing on three different products with different number of ports, ZD-Converter series covers all application scenarios related to Automotive Ethernet communication, including debug testing of single ECU Automotive Ethernet, intact sniffing of single-link Automotive Ethernet communication (Sniffer) and isolated sniffing of bi-directional communication of single-link Automotive Ethernet (Sniffer FD). The small modular design is easy to simultaneously integrate and expand for users, and with the V-LAN Switch, it can meet the needs of multi-link Automotive Ethernet testing.


Infotainment system, Signal-Simulation/ Tracing und V2X, Connectivity, IVI and Smart Cockpit, ADAS and automated driving, big data.

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