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As a pioneer in the field of testing, integration, verification and certification of aircraft and their components, we have supported all major aircraft developments of the last 30 years at OEMs as well as Tier1. Based on the knowledge of avionics development processes, TechSAT has built a bridge to the safety critical requirements of the automotive industry.
TechSAT is an expert in the field of real-time deterministic data exchange. The experience gained from the avionics tests with their high safety standards has been adapted to the requirements of automotive development. Based on the acquired knowledge about the handling of up to one million process variables over a test run of several hours with fixed frame times, we have a high level of knowledge about the integration of components, simulations and environment scenarios in real and virtual space.
In addition to the company headquarters in Kirchheim near Munich, Germany, TechSAT supports its customers and partners in its country offices in Hamburg and the USA and through its partners in China and France.

ASAM related products

Open integration and test platform for virtual test driving. Applications: ADAS & Automated Driving
ADS2 - FUNCTIONALITIES; Distributed real time scheduling of applications ; Deterministic synchronous data exchange; High performance communication; Shared memory based intra-node data exchange; Efficient data organization for inter-node exchange; Dynamic (on-the-fly) reconfiguration Human readable configuration data (structured text) Scriptable generation of configuration Open APIs, complete but simple, for C, C++, Python
ADS2 Addons
ADTF – The ADS2 ADTF addon provides an interface generator to create ADTF gateway filters and ADS2 configuration files. TPT – The ADS2 TPT addon provides an interface generator to create a TPT EXE-Platform application and TPT message and signal definition files. FMI/FMU – The ADS2 FMI addon supports import of FMI Co-Simulations from an FMU 2.0 container. LabVIEW – The ADS2 LabVIEW addon provides a shared library, which can be used by LabVIEW VIs to exchange data with an ADS2 system. SCADE and SCADE Display – ADS2SCADE is an ADS2 addon used to import SCADE model simulations for verification and validation on the ADS2 platform. Vires VTD, IPG CarMaker – Automotive environment simulations are supported by data and control interfaces to common drive simulators. FlexDevice – ADS2 supports automotive buses by use of the Star Cooperation FlexDevice L or L² which provides FlexRay, CAN, CAN-FD, CAN-HS, LIN and AETH. Simulink – The ADS2 Simulink adaptor generator allows the user to generate an ADS2 executable application from a Simulink model. AUTOSAR-RTE – The ADS2-RTE interface generator allows emulating the Virtual Functional Bus communication between SWCs based on an ARXML file and ADS2.


aerospace; advanced driving assistance systems; autonomous driving; consulting; data processing; development of processes; electronics; model-in-the-loop; software-in-the-loop; hardware-in-the-loop; vehicle-in-the-loop; integration; system integration; test automation; test system; development platform

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