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Systemite AB

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SystemWeaver is a multi-user, multi-site, product development software with a strong foundation in the automotive industry. It enables instant collaboration and sharing of mission critical information in complex development processes. SystemWeaver gives you a platform which is easily integrated with other applications, where changes and updates are instant and configurations can be reused. Moreover, it is scalable – a platform that evolves with the customers’ needs.

SystemWeaver supports different phases and methodolgies in systems engineering, for instance requirements management, architectural design, component design, test management, reuse, ISO 26262 and Autosar.

SystemWeaver provides one single source of information that helps keeping the data correct, consistent and complete in one tool, well suited for modern agile processes and continuous integration.


ISO26262, Functinal Safety, ASPICE, AUTOSAR, Continuous Integration, Agile workflow, MBSE, Embedded Systems

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