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Shanghai UniVista Industrial Software Group ("UniVista") is an industrial software and design solutions provider. We are committed to serving our customers domestically and globally in the semiconductor industry, to becoming a trusted partner and achieving continuous successes together in the marketplace through technology innovations. With an initial focus on EDA, UniVista has established a visionary team of leading talents and industry veterans to deliver next generation world-class EDA solutions, collaborates with our customers and the ecosystems to promote scalable and sustainable growth of China’s semiconductor industry.
In recent years, we are observing explosive innovations and breakthroughs in IC markets, especially in information and communication technology (ICT). This trend is accelerating with an increasing gap between the demand and supply for semiconductor products and applications. Global investment into the semiconductor industry is at all-time high, ranging from government policy makers to traditional industry conglomerates to established financial institutions. While opportunities abundant in this new booming era, Chinese semiconductor companies are seeking to achieve quantum leaps with essential technologies and core know-hows. EDA has gained the front-and-center role, widely recognized as one of the core competencies that empowers the long-term self-sustained development for IC industry.
Headquartered in Shanghai, UniVista began the formal operation in March 2021. Her entrepreneurial team is comprised of world-class industry experts, seasoned technical leaders and outstanding domestic innovators, a visionary talent pool including several recognized Fellows and Scientists from global EDA suppliers and ranks at the top among Chinese EDA companies. UniVista's product innovation teams are led by energetic industry veterans, with 15-20 years of hands-on experience in EDA product development, solid technical background and proven professional capabilities. We are focusing on launching China's first IC verification whole flow, covering software simulation, hardware prototyping and emulation, formal verification and other tools like board-level system and package design, etc. We will then expand into related EDA products up and down stream.
UniVista is established on a culture that “Keep Integrity, promote innovation, aim high with feet on the ground”. We strategically build on our solid foundation in China with a global perspective, actively compete in the fierce global market environment, continuously innovate to become a leading provider of EDA and ecosystem. Together with our customers and investors, with domestic and global semiconductor communities, UniVista is committed to “Power the intelligent future with our Joint Vision”.

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